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Cheat Engine 5.5

Download Cheat Engine 5.5

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Changes on Cheat Engine 5.5



  • added 'short' and 'far' override to the jump instructions. (Mainly usefull for auto assembler scripts that by default pick the far one)
  • copied the "Find out what addresses this code accesses" from advanced options to memory view
  • Made the above function display the current value so you don't have to add them first
  • And made it non-modal so you can do other stuff while it's working.
  • Improved custom scan so it can now also display the results
  • New speedhack implementation
  • New AutoAssembler window
  • Removed the question if you want a new scan. (You must now click on new scan yourself)
  • Added GlobalAlloc to the autoassembler
  • The dissect structure window can now be opened multiple times (for comparison)
  • Structures are now saved in the cheat table
  • The main ce window now has a menu (can be disabled in settings if you don't like it)
  • The processlist can now show process icons. (could be slow, so can be disabled in settings)
  • The settings window has been changed from tabs to a list
  • Added a tools menu so people can add quicklaunch apps. (e.g: calc)
  • Added the option to save and load tables as XML
  • Changed copy/pasting of entries to XML
  • Helpfile changed from .HLP to .CHM , also incorporated the plugin documentaion in the helpfile instead of a seperate .RTF
  • Added a few new functions to the plugin system and made the examples easier to understand (Mainly for helping with assembly scripts)
  • Added a packet editor example plugin
  • Assembler can now work with " and ' strings
  • Changed the reverse pointer scan to give more details about what is going on
  • The positions of the main window and memoryview can now be saved
  • The about window now tells you which version of dbvm is loaded if dbvm is running
  • If DBVM is running and you choose physical memory, it goes through dbvm's read physical memory instead of windows'
  • Added a floating point panel to several windows that use system context to display variables
  • Added the option to the memoryview hexview part to display 2 bytes, 4 byte, float or double instead of bytes
  • Improved the dissect data window to show addresses next to eachother
  • The bottom part of the memory view window (hexview) can now display as different types (byte, 2 byte, 4 byte, decimal 4 byte, float, double)
  • Changed the multi pointer tutorial step so it now represents a real game situation
  • Added the adminRequired anifest to the standalone trainer

  • Fixed the multicore scan crash
  • Fixed the MEMORYFIRST.TMP file showing up in a weird location
  • Fixed several hotkey setting bugs
  • Fixed loading back the speedhack hotkey values
  • Fixed a crash when opening a process with a broken PE-header
  • Fixed several assembler and disassembler instructions
  • Fixed memoryviewers "copy to clipboard" option where it picks the wrong option
  • Fixed binary scan crash on nextscan
  • Fixed huge memory leak in pointerscanner
  • Fixed the "No error message" on error during a scan
  • Fixed bug with calling kernel_XXXX functions in assembler
  • Fixed a trainer bug regarding clicking on cheats
  • Fixed 32-bit icons in the trainer maker
  • Fixed the terminate scan option
  • Fixed a DPI bug on several windows
  • Fixed a crash when loading of the symbols failed


Release Date: 2009-01-18

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