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"A fun, challenging, strategy game specially designed by Mojang."

Scrolls Specifications

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Scrolls Review

In a world that relies on the essence of conflict with the power of creatures, spells, and ancient machines. An enjoyable digital card game that is developed by Mojang, the creators of Minecraft. Scrolls uses the ideas from other card games to create a simple card game that can have complex gameplay depending on the deck and the players behind the deck. 

The cards represent different creatures, structures, enchantments, and spells that you can use to dominate other players. Depending on your skill with the game, your experience, the skill of other players, and what you have at your disposal in your deck at the time of the game can change the outcome of the game. 

Of the scrolls at your disposal in your deck, you have creatures that are summoned to the board when played and can be moved on each turn while having the ability to attack idols. Enchantments, which can affect units in many different ways. Structures, which can provide extra resources or buffs. Spells, which come in all shapes and sizes and can break a battle if played at the right place and the right time. 

Each of these scrolls have different rarities which can be common, uncommon, or rare. You can tell a scrolls rarity by the differences in the corner details of the card with weathered edges. You also have an in-game deck builder, scroll crafting, in-game store, and a unique in-game profile you can use to identify with. 

Scrolls game has four gamemodes, these include a tutorial gamemode, trials, quick matches, challenge matches, and ranked matches. You can use the tutorials to learn how to play the game. After that, you can practice playing in the trial gamemode until you feel you are ready for challenge matches so you can play against other players. Once you think you have what it takes for serious gameplay, try out ranked matches and try to master the game. 


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