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"A useful tool to help typers avoid RSI and and carpal tunnel."

Workrave Specifications

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Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Workrave Review

So this is a rather strange review being written as it’s to use the free software we are trying out for the first time and see how it works, at the current time all we know about Workrave is that it is a program that will help you avoid over stressing yourself and to help avoid against RSI (repetitive strain injury) by reminding you to take micro breaks and to give you wrists a rest from typing at this point in time all it is showing is a small box on my computer screen, at the top counting down until the point when I my hands and wrists should take a small break from typing and we’re nearly at the first break. And there it goes it counted down a thirty second break to stop my hands from getting sore from constant typing, although the noise when able to restart working is not particularly pleasant one (a rather klaxon like sound) it is certainly noticeable now that first break is only very short and should not interfere with productivity, this could be very useful for those of you worried about carpal tunnel syndrome, and already on to the second micro break, although this feels like it has come way too soon after the first who are we to argue, still over 35 minutes until the first coffee break though so perhaps time to summarize.

This toll could be very effective for works in a large company who spend all day tapping away at keyboards letting them know when to give their fingers a quick rest, it is possible to override the micro breaks especially if you’re in the middle of a passage and don’t want to ruin the work flow, one noticeable nuisance is though it continues to count down to the micro breaks even if not typing and taking a moment to think so it is not intelligent enough to actually understand when you are typing or not but is merely a timer assuming that you are constantly typing, however the benefits of being reminded when you should be able to have a break and even counting down to larger breaks cannot be underestimated and is a tool that should be considered by everyone who spends many hours a day tapping away in to a keyboard.

You can download Workrave here for free.


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