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WorldUnlock Codes Calculator Tutorial

Unlock your cell phone for free with WorldUnlock Codes Calculator

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download WorldUnlock Codes Calculator. Please click the green button below.

WorldUnlock Codes Calculator is a free program that lets us unlock our cell phone through IMEI, a unique code that identifies each phone.

It’s very easy to use and it’s made for unlocking a great number of phones of different brands, especially the ones before smartphones. As we can see, its interface is very simple, there is a side menu where we will have to introduce data about our cell phone, later its IMEI and then the program will calculate the unlocking code for us.

For knowing the IMEI code we have to run *#06# command on the screen of our phone and press the call button. The IMEI code will appear on the screen. Another way of knowing this number is looking unter the phone battery or on the box of the phone. Sometimes it is also marked on the battery itself.

Once we have the IMEI number, we just have to select the manufacturer of our phone, the model, and introduce the IMEI number. Then we simply press the CALCULATE button and on the righ side of the program window we will see a code for locking and unlocking the phone.

Now we can use this code for unlocking the phone, depending on the brand and model there will be different ways of actually introducing the unlock code. For example, Nokia phones require marking #, then “p” (by pressing several times the * button for arriving until “p”), then “w” by pressing the same button, and then the “+” symbol, and right after this combination of symbols we need to introduce the unlock code which will free our phone.

For Sony Ericsson phones the process is a bit different, we just have to mark the following combination: <**<, where “<” means to move the joystick to the left. After inserting this combination we will have an option of introducing the unlock code for freeing our cell. We just have to take into account that there are only 5 attempts to introduce the code, so if we fail these 5 times to introduce it correctly, the phone will lock forever.

These are some basic steps to follow for using WorldUnlock Codes Calculator for unlocking cell phones.

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