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Latest News > System Tools > The uses of Wifi Auditor

The uses of Wifi Auditor

The uses of Wifi Auditor

Wifi Auditor is a tool that analyzes nearby wireless connections, identifies the make and model of the router and provides you with the factory default WPA-PSK password for them. Of course, by now you’re thinking this is rather dodgy and suspicious, but don’t be alarmed. Wifi Auditor is a tremendous tool in protecting both private personal networks as well as corporate ones.

Let’s say you have your home network and you have set up the WPA security but didn’t bother setting a password for it and left the factory default. Don’t feel guilty, as it’s actually pretty common. We like to trust that the password provided is good enough. Well, with the auditor you’ll know if that password is indeed as secure as you think; and if not, well then you know you need to change it.

While Wifi Auditor is pretty powerful, it doesn’t work with all routers. If you are worried about someone breaking into your network and don’t completely trust that changing your password would protect you from someone unscrupulously using the software against you, then you can use the list of models and makes to determine which routers NOT to get in order to protect yourself. In fact, once acquired, you can use Wifi Auditor to confirm that you are indeed safe.

Wifi Auditor

If you have multiple networks, something very likely to happen in a corporate environment, then the software will help you maintain security at the press of a button. When you first launch the application, it lists all available networks. Pressing the Audit Networks button will analyze each of the networks for vulnerabilities, clearing the list of available ones if it doesn’t find any. This can be a tremendous help to you, the network administrator, because you won’t need to check all routers for security reasons, unless a few of them aren’t on the list mentioned in the previous point. 

If by any chance the auditor does find vulnerabilities and can connect to the network, it will give you a full report on your connection, identifying all security issues. Carefully reading this report will not only help you reinforce your network but it will also tell you if you have intruders hijacking your bandwidth, which depending on whether it’s a personal or a corporate network could mean very bad things.

If you have any doubts about your network’s security, then download Wifi Auditor today and use it to protect yourself.

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