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More than 50,000 Windows Programs downloaded every day!

Software & Free Downloads!

Welcome to Rocky Bytes! The software directory with the best free downloads for Windows. Everything we offer is reviewed by experts and offered inside our categories: PC Games, antivirus software, dj software, music downloaders, etc. In other words, these are the Bytes that really Rock!

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  • Cuckoo Curling

    Cuckoo Curling

    An addictive and fun combination of curling and connect 4!

    Free Sports Games
    Rocky Bytes Score Cuckoo Curling is Very Good!
  • Engolasters January 2021

    Engolasters January 2021

    An unusual and very interactive game about aliens and family life

    Free Adventure Games
    Rocky Bytes Score Engolasters January 2021 is Good!
  • Slumber Party

    Slumber Party

    A modern day story about balancing love and friendship

    Free Simulation Games
    Rocky Bytes Score Slumber Party is Acceptable
  • Away've


    Escape a Tsunami and other pirates!

    Free Action Games
    Rocky Bytes Score Away've is Could Be Better
  • Cuttlebone


    A compelling visual novel about friendship and maybe more

    Free Simulation Games
    Rocky Bytes Score Cuttlebone is Good!
  • Can You Survive a Yandere?

    Can You Survive a Yandere?

    A visual novel where you play as Senpai trying to escape a Yandere

    Free Simulation Games
    Rocky Bytes Score Can You Survive a Yandere? is Good!
  • New Downloads
  • Yandere Simulator

    Yandere Simulator

    A stealth game about stalking a boy and killing any other girl that is interested in him.

    Free Simulation Games
    Rocky Bytes Score Yandere Simulator is Great!
  • Kodi (XBMC)

    Kodi (XBMC)

    An open source media player and entertainment hub for watching and listen to various types of media content.

    Free (GPL) Media Players
    Rocky Bytes Score Kodi (XBMC) is Very Good!
  • Virtual DJ

    Virtual DJ

    Become a DJ thanks to this music mixer with a big number of interesting functions.

    Free DJ Software
    Rocky Bytes Score Virtual DJ is Great!
  • Modio


    Easily transfer game saves to and from your Xbox 360 using Modio and it's large online community.

    Free Game Tools
    Rocky Bytes Score Modio is It Rocks!
  • Command Of War

    Command Of War

    A fantastic, challenging and incredibly addictive war strategy game.

    Free Strategy Games
    Rocky Bytes Score Command Of War is Great!
  • Artisan: Going Home Again

    Artisan: Going Home Again

    A combination of a visual novel and a simulation game with some fantastic art work.

    Free Demo Simulation Games
    Rocky Bytes Score Artisan: Going Home Again is Very Good!
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Last Software News

Free games that are just as good as most that you would pay for!

Free games that are just as good as most that you would pay for!

There are certain games we here at Rocky Bytes just never get tired of, if you're sick of the same old games and have no money to invest in the latest AAA game then here's a list of a few games that will provide with as much entertainment as most games that money can buy. First up we have my personal ...

An update on the progress of the development of Yandere Simulator

An update on the progress of the development of Yandere Simulator

Yandere Simulator’s Progress Rivals: With a new bug fixing build update out today there is also some news on the progress of Yandere Simulator, especially the first of Yandere Chan’s rival Osana, according to Yandere Dev’s latest blog post the first rival sabotage event has now been ...

Is this the best free strategy game available?

Is this the best free strategy game available?

Command of War demo is a game worth revisiting just because it’s so great and this is only the demo version! With the full version planned to be released this summer you really need to try out this demo before it’s no longer available. Strategy games aren’t for everyone but the bright ...

Essential Software Guide

Welcome to Rocky Bytes, your one stop for the best free downloads. We have an extensive catalogue of games, professional, casual and personal software, and our library grows every day. The best of it all is that as we previously mentioned, it’s all free software. From freeware to software trials and demos, we have it all and we’re committed to offering you the best of the best.

As part of our mission to offer you everything you need, below you’ll find some of our top picks and recommendations for free software downloads, especially if you’ve just bought a new computer. The Rocky Bytes library is vast and picking one piece of software among all of them can be a daunting task, so we’d like to help you out with this. Let’s start with the basics. You’ve just bought a new computer and it still has that out of box shine and smell. Your operative system is completely new and there isn’t a single piece of software installed (beyond those included in the OS release of course). So it’s time to start your program download and installation process.

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