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Google Chrome


"Google Chrome has a minimalistic design combined with an innovative architecture maximizing functionality and simplicity."

Google Chrome Specifications

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Google Chrome Review

Google has been into making the Internet better for years since the creation of it's successful search engine, Google. Well, it doesn't stop there; Google takes the next step to provide you with a super fast, light, reliable web browser that is based off of the Chromium Project. Taking a lot from the Chromium Project, which uses the Webkit Engine which is also used by Apple's Safari web browser, Google Chrome is known for having one of the fastest Javascript code execution out of all of the popular web browsers. The code execution also does a good job not overloading the page or reducing the performance of the Javascript or your system in the process.

With a design that is considered very minimal compared to it's competitors, it is a signification of how simple it is to use the browser in your daily life. You get a broader viewing area, which allows you to see more content on the web pages you visit rather having the interface clutter up what you are actually trying to look at on the web page. The design also does a good job not reducing functionality, but combines great functionality with simplicity which can be really hard to do.

Under the hood, Google Chrome is very unique in how efficient it uses the resources on your computer. Each tab uses it's own process, which makes it very nice when the scripts on the web page you are looking at crash. Instead of crashing or "locking up" the entire browser, only the individual tab is affected making Google Chrome much easier to manage and is a step forward in stability and reliability.

Just like it's competitors, Chrome has a large extension community making useful extensions that add a lot of functionality to the browser that is personal to use that wouldn't have otherwise been there. Extensions are a big part of modern browsers, and having a large community behind it, like Google Chrome's extension community, adds on to the many things the web browser can do for you.


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Google Chrome Tutorials and Guides

How to Install Google Chrome

How to Install Google Chrome

Install and set up Google Chrome following these simple steps

By opening the downloaded file the installation will start automatically and there won’t be any other action required. When it’s installed, a window will appear asking us to choose a specific search ...

How to Use Google Chrome

How to Use Google Chrome

Find out how Google Chrome Works following the steps of this "How to use" tutorial

Google Chrome is one of the most important and famous web browsers at the moment, it has overcome in popularity Internet Explorer and Firefox for its speed and easy-to-use interface. Once we have it installed and all ...

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Google Chrome in Other Languages

Google Chrome in Spanish

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