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More than 50,000 Windows Programs downloaded every day!


In our Internet Software section you can find all kinds of programs that connect you to the Web: some of the best internet browsers like Google Chrome or Ultrasurf, streaming software or download managers! Want to download music? We’ve got programs that cover that too!

  • Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla Firefox

    Great Web browser. Great alternative for safe and sure browsing.

    Free (GPL) Browsers
    Rocky Bytes Score Mozilla Firefox is Great!
  • Google Earth

    Google Earth

    Map out your world and find new places to explore with Google Earth.

    Free Browser Plugins
    Rocky Bytes Score Google Earth is Great!
  • Telegram


    A great messenger and chat application for your Windows PC.

    Free Chat and Messengers
    Rocky Bytes Score Telegram is It Rocks!
  • WhatsApp


    An instant messaging application originally made for smartphones that now is available to chat from your PC.

    Free Chat and Messengers
    Rocky Bytes Score WhatsApp is Great!
  • UltraSurf


    Browse the web anonymously and safely with UltraSurf.

    Free Browser Plugins
    Rocky Bytes Score UltraSurf is Very Good!
  • Frostwire


    Get access to your favorite files with one of the most popular BitTorrent clients in Frostwire

    Free P2P Software
    Rocky Bytes Score Frostwire is It Rocks!
  • Internet Updates

Best Internet Downloads

  • Popcorn Time

    Popcorn Time

    Watch up to date free movies instantly with Popcorn Time.

    Streaming Software
    Rocky Bytes Score
    Popcorn Time is It Rocks!
    Total Downloads
  • Zona


    Watch HD movies, TV shows, series, and sports for free with Zona.

    Streaming Software
    Rocky Bytes Score
    Zona is It Rocks!
    Total Downloads
  • Telegram


    A great messenger and chat application for your Windows PC.

    Chat and Messengers
    Rocky Bytes Score
    Telegram is It Rocks!
    Total Downloads
  • Google Chrome

    Google Chrome

    Google Chrome has a minimalistic design combined with an innovative architecture maximizing functionality and simplicity.

    Rocky Bytes Score
    Google Chrome is It Rocks!
    Total Downloads
  • Adguard


    Ensure you no longer have to deal with Internet ads with Adguard.

    Ad Blockers
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    Adguard is It Rocks!
    Total Downloads

What is internet?

A word that doesn’t exist since 1883 and was used as a word to describe interconnected motions. Nowadays, the phrase The Internet is used to describe the network of millions of interconnected computer networks forming part of a global system that uses the Internet Protocol suite networking model to communicate to billion devices in the world.

Internet origin

And what’s the origin of Internet? The origins of the Internet date back to over forty years ago as a research project on packet-switched networks. In 1969, during the Cold War, the U.S. Department of Defense concluded that their communications system was vulnerable because it was based on the telephone communication (Public Switched Telephone Network , PSTN), a technology called circuit switching, a connection between calling and called which provides unique and limited number links between major nodes or central. This kind of communication, threatened the risk of having an isolated segment of the country if there were ever a military attack on those communications.


Alternatively, the Department of Defense, through its agency of Advanced Research (ARPA), decidedly encouraged the study of computer networks through student grants and grants to private companies. This investigation led to an experimental network of four nodes, which began in December 1969, was called ARPAnet. The central idea of this network was to get the information to reach its destination if part of the network was destroyed.


Years later the Department of Defense decide to use TCP/IP Protocol for ARPAnet netwotk, which provides an independent system to exchange the data between computers and local network of different origin. The name underwent some more changes, such as: Federal Research Internet, TCP / IP Internet and finally Internet.

The difference between the Internet and World Wide Web.

Nope, it’s not the same. The Web is one of the ways that information is distributed, it started with very simple pages and now is further developed that we can even find dating websites!


The Web is only a portion of the Internet. The Internet is much more, is used for communications on instant messaging, FTP software, social network, etc.