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Surgeon Simulator


"Don't kill the patient! Or kill him. Your choice."

Surgeon Simulator Specifications

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Surgeon Simulator Review

Looking for an intense strategy game that will have you on the edge of your seat? Look no further. Surgeon Simulator has all the thrills you'll need. Your job is very simple, perform heart surgery. That can't be too hard if you're a surgeon, right? You've practiced all of your life for this moment. Not just this moment but all of the other surgeries that you've done. There's nothing different about this surgery than the one that you just did or the one that you're going to do after this one. Wait. What? You're not a surgeon? You've never been to medical school? Then what the hell are you doing!? Wait no, put that down! It gets interesting, even in this Surgeon Simulator free download.

Surgeon simulator download

From the start, you will want to play Surgeon Simulator based on just how well it is made. The graphics, for a simple game, are pretty decent considering how simple the game is. Well, is can be simple based on how you perceive the game. You will play the game in the first person, just as if you are seeing it from the doctor's eye. Well, that would be because in this game you are the doctor, and I sure how you care about the patient. Though, that can be a part of the fun in this game - trying not to kill the patient. 

There are several modes in this game that you can play that will put you to the test. You can practice the game over and over to get good at it, but it will take quite a bit of time. Surgery is not easy, and this game recognizes that, which is a part of the fun. Whether you are an aspiring doctor or just wanting to play as one, you can do that in Surgeon Simulator. Though, there is a lot that I would not consider realistic in this game, it is pretty close to what most people would consider the "real thing". 

There are now two free DLC for the game that will add more content to the game - just in case you did not get enough from the original game. These are primarily released on Steam to add on to the hype of the game, since when it was released it received quite a bit of praise since it was true to the idea of simulation when it comes to surgery ... well, for the most part. 

Get the Free Download and Play Surgeon Simulator

In this Surgeon Simulator demo you pose as a surgeon. You have no idea what you're doing. Your job is simply to perform a heart transplant, which of course would be a lot simpler if you were a heart surgeon. But because you're not, you've got to go off of instinct. With so many things in the way between you and the heart, you've got to move those things out of the way. Rib cage, meet hammer. Hammer... rib cage. Rip those lungs out and expose the heart. Cut it out and put a new one in. 


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

Surgeon Simulator Tutorials and Guides

How to Install Surgeon Simulator

How to Install Surgeon Simulator

Learn how to install Surgeon Simulator in just a couple easy steps!

This simple guide will teach you how to install Surgeon Simulator in just a couple simple steps. In order to continue with this tutorial, please make sure you download Surgeon Simulator so you are ready to ...

How to Play Surgeon Simulator

How to Play Surgeon Simulator

Learn how to get started playing Surgeon Simulator!

In this tutorial you will learn how to play Surgeon Simulator in just a couple easy steps. The game is relatively easy to learn how to play, but playing the game can be pretty difficult if you aren't careful - just ...

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Surgeon Simulator in Other Languages

Surgeon Simulator in Spanish

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