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Viscera Cleanup Detail


"A space station cleanup operation"

Viscera Cleanup Detail Specifications

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Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Viscera Cleanup Detail Review

Have you ever been playing your favorite shoot ‘em up and thought wow that’s a lot of blood and mess, glad I don’t have to clean this up afterwards, no? Neither have I to be honest, but someone has to and in Viscera Cleanup Detail that is exactly what you do, after a great battle in a space station you are now the janitor who is tasked with wiping up the blood, collecting the bits of bodies and other debris left over from the battle.

Fill up your bucket of water and start wiping up that claret, get those bones and flesh in the basket and then dump it in the incinerator, it doesn’t sound that much fun, but it’s nicely made and is enjoyable…for a while at least.

The graphics are very good and the music is eerie, however the music can be confusing as it gives you a constant feeling there must be danger around the corner and soon you will be left fighting with only your mop in your hand, actually after a while I really wanted to go in to battle with my mop and while it is fun at first, once all the blood has been mopped it’s time to start picking up debris, and as you can only carry one thing at a time it can be a very slow and tedious process moving piece by piece in to your waste basket, then dragging the waste basket to the incinerator.

Also don’t knock over your waste basket or even worse your mop bucket if it is full of bloody water, because you can end up in a vicious circle of getting nearly everything clean just before you make a mistake and have to start cleaning it all up again (this is also how your mom feels about you).

Viscera Cleanup Detail is definitely a different kind of game and kudos to the developers for thinking outside the box and creating something a bit different but I found myself craving something a little more exciting, especially when the scene you are cleaning up looks like it would have been so much fun to be part of the battle, but no you’re just here to clean the mess you don’t get any fun (again how your mom feels).

Try the Viscera Cleanup Detail free download and decide for yourself if you prefer to be a hero or a janitor (well of course you can be both, janitors are often unsung heroes) so now play a little Viscera Cleanup Detail, then go give your mom and\or janitor a hug and say thanks for everything they do that you don’t appreciate.


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