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Robot Vacuum Simulator


"A Robotic Vacuum simulator, so you too can know what it's like to be a robotic vacuum."

Robot Vacuum Simulator Specifications

DOWNLOADFree (33.76 MB)
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33.76 MB
Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Rocky Bytes Score
Robot Vacuum Simulator is Fair
Software Ranking
63rd out of 573

Robot Vacuum Simulator Review

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Simulator is a simulation game of a robotic vacuum from the vacuums point of view.

We’ve all seen them there, happily buzzing away, looking so peaceful, just getting on with their daily routine, oh it looks such a simple and peaceful life and I doubt I will be the first or the last person to wonder what it would be like to spend a day in the life of a robotic vacuum cleaner (or Roomba).

Well dream no more people because your day has finally come, now we can all know exactly what it is like to be a Roomba thanks to Robotic Vacuum cleaner simulator, if you just can’t get enough of cleaning and want to simulate it even after you have finished cleaning you’re real house now you can continue vacuuming your virtual house, but those of you with OCD beware someone seems to have put an amount of unidentifiable yet identical litter on your carpet, the swine!

Robot Vaccum Simulator

Robotic vacuum cleaner simulator is exactly what it says, you literally control a robotic vacuum and vacuum up pieces of litter from the floor of your house, it’s not a terrible concept for a game but the vacuum moves very slowly and it does not take long to collect the rubbish from the floor, there is no points system or timer to try and beat your last attempt so this game really is just so that you can simulate what it must be like to be a robotic vacuum cleaner, and I for one can definitely empathize with them more now I will no longer see my vacuum as a simple cleaning device, but a hard working and dear friend.

There is a nice little jazz ditty that plays just so that you can really get the feel of what it’s like to be a vacuum cleaner as everyone knows all vacuums love jazz followed closely by dubstep.

The vacuum moves very slowly and it can take what seems to be an eternity to move from one piece of waste to the next, there’s not really much to do except for move around very slowly well when I say not much I mean there isn’t anything else at all to do in this game.

The layout is very simple and the backgrounds not particularly detailed so there is no extra little details to keep you amused whilst you play this.

Robot Vacuum Simulator Free Download can become very tedious very quickly but at least there is that lovely jazz music to keep you calm whilst you move round the apartment slowly, very very slowly, the best thing about this game is that if you play it for long enough it feels like time is going backwards.

This is a very slow and dull game and sadly I cannot find many positives, however it has made me appreciate the slow and boring life my vacuum must have and that I should stop taking it for granted so tonight I have booked a table at it’s favorite restaurant, bought it flowers and texted it a nice message to remind it that I still care.  


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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