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Yandere Simulator

Jul 15th 2023

"A stealth game about stalking a boy and killing any other girl that is interested in him."

Yandere Simulator Specifications

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Yandere Simulator Review

Yandere Simulator game: What is it about?

If you are a fan of off the wall, crazy, humorous games that have a lot of unexpected moments and quirky plots that set them aside from traditional games, then you will love Yandere Simulator free download developed by YandereDev. An anime game in which you are a girl that is obsessed with an upperclassman. With your yandere girl behaviour, you might do your best to make sure you are the only person that he will love at all times by killing any other girl that may or may not be interested in him. Sounds pretty crazy, right? This is not a joke. This is actually the idea of this download. It may sound weird, but it is actually a lot of fun and there are a lot of things that occur in Yandere Simulator that you will find pretty funny if you like weird games like this. A twee love story is going to start...

Yandere Simulator Gameplay

We made a gameplay in which we explain the goal of the game and show you graphically how to get away with murder in Yandere Simulator download for PC. In this gameplay you can also see a very special feature of the game, the parade of naked titans that appear when pressing "L". Check this tutorial out if you want to know how Yandere Simulator open world sandbox works:

Play Yandere Simulator and kill all the girls to get senpai's love

Yandere Simulator game uses manga and anime style graphics and animation that make up the entire background of the game. You refer to an upperclassman as your "senpai" as you would expect with this type of anime like story. The idea of the game is in the name itself - Yandere Simulator. A "yandere girl" is a girl that is willing to threaten, harm, or even kill any other girl that is interested in him. In this case, you play the yandere girl and do your best to eliminate all of the girls that may become a problem in your relationship between your senpai and yourself. If that sounds appealing at all, then you should use this Yandere Simulator download for PC.

Yandere Simulator uses a stealth like style of gameplay that is very comparable to the stealth life gameplay in the Hitman Games series. You are in an environment full of NPCs that are roaming around the map that you are in going about their lives. In this case, you are on your school campus doing school hours, and must use each day to your advantage to secretly kidnap or kill the girls that may become a risk to you and your relationship with your senpai. You must kidnap or kill your targets without any witnesses and leave no evidence that reveals that you have done anything at all related to the incident.

Yandere Simulator download

If you happen to have a witness, the NPC will most likely try to get a teacher involved, or even the police. You must race the Yandere game by cleaning up the scene of the incident and clean your clothes to make it seem like the person who told the teacher is pulling a prank. In this case, you would get away with the crime with a witness and the witness will be taken as a fool. If you get caught, you get expelled and lose the game. If your senpai ever witnesses or finds out you are the killer, you lose the game as well by becoming heartbroken.

There is also a currency system in the game. The ever-elusive Info-chan, who is your main source of tutorials and information on your rivals, also happens to be a huge pervert. She will give you vital information in exchange for panty shots. So a lot of the game revolves around you sneaking in pictures of other girl's panties without them noticing and trading it to Info-Chan for points. There are other ways to earn points as well, such as finding and retrieving listening devices or simply taking shots of the other girl's faces.

These points are then used to exchange for schemes, which are multi-step plans to get rid of your rivals in love. These schemes can range from getting her expelled to murdering her without anybody noticing. But what's stopping you from simply walking up to her, getting her into a corner, and stabbing her in the neck, you may ask? Well, the first main target, Osana, has a friend who will follow her around everywhere. This friend is a martial arts expert, and can kill you easily. She cannot be injured and trying to fight her just leads to her easily beating you up and reporting you to the authorities.

There are also a bunch of side content that you can go through, with one even being based off an entirely fictional show ingame with extensive lore and characters. If that doesn't suit you, then you can also join a bunch of different clubs in the school. Each club has its own perk - for example, the gardening club lets you carry certain tools around in public without it being seen as strange, while the gaming club will let you buff a stat for one full day. These clubs will prove to be incredibly useful to you as you try to eliminate your rivals without ruining your social standing in the eyes of Senpai.

Yandere Simulator free Download

Yandere Simulator for PC is in early development stages with only a small portion of the game complete at this time. There is only one way to win the game right now and it's to take care of the first rival, but it is still surprisingly very fun to play and is definitely worth giving a try. This anime game will probably be extremely fun to play when it is eventually complete - so it will be exciting to see how the development goes for the game. In Rocky Bytes you can get a Yandere Simulator free Download.

The version of Yandere Simulator at this original update date included some awesome new features, so we decided to make a gameplay about it! In this gameplay we can see pranks on our rivals, naked killing and even Yandere-chan, our main character, cycling! Things are definitely getting crazy in Yandere Simulator, take a look:

But things have evolved majorly since then and the game is still ever-changing. Now, there is a rival for you to eliminate and the main gameplay loop of the game has been finished. You can get a very good sense for where the game is going to continue to go in the future, and exactly how the game will play out.

As a joke for April's Fools, YandereDev created Kuudere Simulator, which can only be defined as the opposite of Yandere Simulator. Is an unemotional girl that just sits alone in a dark room and has absolutely no interest in senpai.

Get this demo download now and don't miss this anima and manga game and its future updates!

Warning: You need 7zip to be able to access this file. Make sure to pick it up from our website right here by clicking on this link.

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Yandere Simulator Awards

Extremely Fun Game

Award Received: 2015-06-05 07:30:18


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