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  7. Why have there been no updates for three months in Yandere Simulator?

Why have there been no updates for three months in Yandere Simulator?

Why have there been no updates for three months in Yandere Simulator?

Back in June 17th, Yandere Simulator finally officially released a demo that contains the first rival after seven years of development. However, since then, there have been no new versions released for the game. So why is that? What has Yandere Dev been working on since then?

1. The goals after the demo

Just taking a look at the blog post from the day of the demo will answer many of the questions about what Yandere Dev has been working on. As he stated, he's decided that the demo will be the final build of Yandere Simulator to only contain one rival. He has promised that the next build of the game will have 10 rivals.

So how long will it take, considering that one rival took seven years of development? Well, it shouldn't take nearly as much time. A lot of the time was focused on laying down the groundwork of the game, with a ton of features that don't directly relate to the rival but will nonetheless be important to the mechanics of the game. In fact, as of a month ago, Yandere Dev has reported that nine out of the ten rivals are complete.

As per his words, here is what he's accomplished in the month after the demo.

  • There is now a new matchmaking system that has completely different steps than the last system.
  • You can now raise all three of a suitor's stats at once.
  • He bug tested and confirmed all elimination methods from the demo are working.
  • There is a brand new betray/befriend mission sequence for each rival.
  • Each rival has unique routines/events that makes them much more difficult to kill than generic NPCs.

2. What's left to do then?

There are still a number of things that Yandere Dev needs to do before he releases the next build of the game. 

  • He still needs to bug fix each rival and ensure that they work properly. This includes making sure they all follow a routine, that all of their unique dialogue for each event triggers, and more. 
  • He needs to write out all 50 posts that will appear on the school bulletin board.
  • Create the ending sequence and cutscenes for the game.
  • Add polish to anything that looks low quality.

However, rest assured. This kind of polish work doesn't take too much time if we compare it to other game development cycles. In fact...

3. So exactly when will it come out?

As of two weeks ago, Yandere Dev announced that he finished the 10th rival. As part of the testing process,s he's successfuly completed multiple full playthroughs from beginning to end and he's hard at work trying to get the announcement video completed and released. He's also implemented a few more features into the game. For instance, he's added a stats screen that displays a ton of things you've done, including but not limited to:

  • The elimination method you have used for each rival you’ve eliminated so far
  • Whether or not those students’ deaths are considered a murder or an accident
  • Whether or not those students are considered dead or missing
  • Whether or not those students are in jail, your friend, no longer at Akademi, etc.
  • How many friends the player has made
  • The player’s current reputation at school.

He's also made a ranking system that will incentivize the player to do tidy and stealthy murders instead of simply speeding through the whole game. In fact, he's stated that you can only get the best ending if you get S ranks for every kill, which is only possible if you manage to kill someone without the whole game knowing.

So, in short, fear not! The next build of Yandere Simulator is likely coming out extremely soon. Just keep an eye out.

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