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"Mineshafter enables you to play Minecraft without online connectivity or to simply allow you to try out Minecraft before you buy the game."

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Mineshafter Review

Want to try out Minecraft without having to pay in an easy way that's already been programmed and set up for you? Check out Mineshafter, which is a free alternative to using the main Minecraft online services. This will allow you to try out Minecraft without having to pay for the game in a safe and appreciative way that encourages the support of the Minecraft developers. It is just simple - before you buy a game it is nice to try it out so you know for sure if the game is something you'll really enjoy and put time into making it worth your money. Give it a try here with this Mineshafter free download.

This application is an on-going project that attempts to stay up to date with the main Minecraft client. The difference between the two is that this will allow you to play the game without having to connect to the Minecraft online services. One thing that is pretty apparent with Minecraft is that there isn't a true free demo of the game. There is an old version of the game before many features were added to the game that you are able to try and play, but there isn't a free demo of the game that allows you to try out the game in it's current state. Mineshafter allows you to do this so you are able to test out the game before you buy the game.

It is highly encouraged that if you use this Mineshafter free download that you support the Minecraft developers by buying the game if you like the game, if you haven't already done so. This is because paying for the game supports it's continued development which is done by a group of people that put a lot of their time and resources toward the game. So, the support for the game by actually paying for it if you enjoy the game is highly recommended.

Using the program itself is rather straightforward. All you need to do is go to their site and log in. Then, after you log in to their site, you'll need to go to the settings page and select the skin and cloak that you want your character to have. After that, you'll need to download the launcher itself. Once you have the launcher installed and booted up, you'll need to log in with the username that you created on the website. Thankfully, the password doesn't matter.

This Mineshafter download contains the game in it's state of version 1.7.9, with all of the features and it's abilities. It is important to note that online connectivity features do not work, for example: player skins, that fetch the uploaded skin from the Minecraft servers. These features do not work without online connectivity because of how they are programmed into the game. Mineshafter's purpose is to play Minecraft without the need for online connectivity, or to try out the game before you buy. 

Thankfully, that has all changed recently. You can now play the game up to 1.14.4 which means that it's nearly caught up to speed. All it's missing is bees and the most recent Nether update. That's right, that means that you can still play with the incredibly overhauled village mechanics for completely free. This is some amazing game time for completely free.

It's worth noting what you're missing, however. Obviously, you're completely missing out on the online servers of Minecraft, which many will argue is where the true lifeblood of the community is. Any Minecraft player will tell you that no matter how many mods you stack in your game, being alone in Minecraft is still incredibly boring. While you can technically jump through a ton of hoops to get online with this program, you'll need to jump through a ton of hoops to get it working. You'll need to enter line commands and also make sure that the servers you're connecting to are all using custom authentication plugins. If they aren't, then forget about getting online - if you wanted to simply play with a friend with minimal effort, buying Minecraft itself would be a much quicker solution.

Speaking of mods, you'll also need to jump through a whole lot more hoops to get mods working with your copy of Mineshafter. You need to dive right into the code of your Minecraft Forge version file and edit the lines of code inside it to get it working - hoops that many players won't like to jump through. After that, you'll even need to dive into your file folders and delete the META-INF folders in your Minecraft jar file and then force the client to update. It's incredibly tedious, and you'll need to have a very good reason to go through all of those steps.

With a continuing growing community, and a lot of information that you can find simply by using Google, you are pretty much all set by the time you download it. However, just keep in mind that the game has not be updated for 1.8 as of yet, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying Minecraft in its entirety, and with your friends online, without having to purchase an account through the Minecraft website. This can also allow developers creating Minecraft mods test out their mods in an online environment without Minecraft authentication. Give it a shot here with this Mineshafter free download.


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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