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  7. The language of Minecraft: Famous quotes and jargon

The language of Minecraft: Famous quotes and jargon

The language of Minecraft: Famous quotes and jargon

Every game out there, especially multiplayer ones, has its own set of jargon that is only recognizable to players. To everyone else the words are meaningless or at sound wrong without the proper context. In addition to that, there are plenty of famous quotes by famous players and developers that players love to say every so often, as they have a meaning of their own in a given situation.

Minecraft popular and famous quotes

The following are some of the most famous Minecraft Quotes and some of the game’s jargon:

Minecraft Jargon

 -Skin: A custom set of textures for your character. Here you have the most awesome Minecraft skins or we have the download if you prefer to download Minecraft Skins directly: Minecraft Skins pack!

- Mod: A modification of the Minecraft server which adds new gameplay options. Find out our collection of Minecraft Mods or our recomendations about the 4 best Minecraft mods!

- Spleef: A popular competition in which players must delete blocks under other player’s feet to make them fall into lava.

- SG/HG: Survival Games/Hunger Games, a special version of Survival Mode centered around a deathmatch between players.

- Grief: The act of destroying other people’s creations.

- Spawn: Where every player starts.

- TP: Short for teleportation.

- XP: Experience Points, the green bar that fills every time you gain experience.

- Mob: Any monster or creature you can attack or kill.

- Butter: Made famous by SkyDoesMinecraft. It means Gold in Minecraft

- Jerry: Made famous by CaptainSparkles, who names a slime Jerry in one of his videos.

- Strip Mining: To mine in a straight line down to maximum depth, then repeating the process two blocks away.

- CTM: Complete The Monument, a mode that consists on finding pieces of dyed wool through the map avoiding obstacles.

- Indev: Short for In Development, the original version of the game. Alpha, Beta and Release are related terms and refer to the different stages of development and finally release.

Minecraft Quotes

"DIGGY DIGGY HOLE!" – Honeydew

- “Give me some sugarcane, girl.” – Tobuscus

- "It appears I have died! I'm writing this note from beyond the grave. If you receive it, I'm going to HAUNT you, you son of a b!tch!" – Honeydew

- “So I just watched a zombie jump in lava and kill himself, which was cool. So how was your day?” – JeromeASF

- “A simpler graphics style can really enhance the mystery and sense of adventure for the player” – Markus “Notch” Persson.

- “I do think people seem to make their most interesting and innovative games early on in their careers.” – Markus “Notch” Persson.

- “It was kind of intense. We spent one or two months on each game. During my time at King.com I made around 20 to 30 games. I was the programmer and I had a games designer and an artist. That was basically it. The thing I learned there was how to actually finish projects, which was very, very valuable.” Markus “Notch” Persson on his early days as programmer.

- “I came to accept that I will never repeat the success of Minecraft. I chose to instead focus on making more games that I personally enjoy, and living up to that is much easier.” Markus “Notch” Persson.

Are there any other Minecraft slang we failed to mention? Do you know other interesting quotes? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget you can find a Minecraft 1.8 download here on Rocky Bytes.


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