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GTA: San Andreas Hot Coffee Mod


"A mod for GTA San Andreas which unlocks hidden files within the game to allow you to view an alternate scene for getting "coffee" with your in-game girlfriend."

GTA: San Andreas Hot Coffee Mod Specifications

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GTA: San Andreas Hot Coffee Mod Review

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular sandbox video games series out there today. It is respected by developers and gamers alike for revolutionizing the sandbox genre of video games since their release of Grand Theft Auto 3. Developed by Rockstar Games, GTA: San Andreas is the third release of the Grand Theft Auto series within it's 3D era, behind GTA 3 and GTA: Vice City. Starting at it's roots in the game's 2D era, Grand Theft Auto 1, GTA London 1969, and GTA 2, while only top-down video games, were very popular for it's time.

GTA IV: San Andreas, to this day, remains to be an all time favorite amongst GTA fans for it's broad sandbox style gameplay, large array of in game features, and taking place in parody versions of Los Angeles and San Francisco in California, and Las Vegas in southern Nevada. Even to this day, Rockstar Games amazes everyone with it's depth within the Grand Theft Auto storylines and the plentiful gameplay features and detail they put into all of their games.

On the PC versions, Grand Theft Auto has a large modding community backing it. This mod is just one of many, but is one of the most well known mods in the world of gaming today because it was so controversial when it was found.

Found deep within the game's files; PatrickW, a well known modder ever since Hot Coffee's founding, found hidden files within every distribution of GTA: San Andreas which were an alternate "coffee" scene for when the main character chooses to have intercourse with his girlfriend after earning her love and trust. This GTA San Andreas Hot Coffee Mod download opens up the hidden files and allows you to view the scene each time you get "coffee" with your girlfriend.

When these hidden game files were originally found, it attracted a lot of legal and media attention when unleashed a large debate on how games should be rated before they release. GTA San Andreas was temporarily taken off the shelves of most large stores until newer copies were released with the "AO" (Adults-Only) rating because of the hidden files found within the game.

Notice from Rocky Bytes: This download is NSFW - not that you should be playing video games at work anyway.

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