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Minecraft Server


"Create your own Minecraft server for playing with your maps and creations online."

Minecraft Server Specifications

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Minecraft Server Review

Minecraft Server is the official Minecraft program for creating our own private or public server of the famous game of blocks. We will be able to play with our friends and people from any part of the world making constructions in the creative Minecraft mode, or have an adventure in the Survival mode, making our own tools, shelters and arms for hunting all kinds of animals and monsters that inhabit the random world of each Minecraft round.

The server can be configured through 3 text files, where certain users are authorized to modify the server environment or administer the server. It is possible to set various options of the server, like the name, type of the game, difficulty, automatic monsters and animals inclusion, and the connection data for letting other people to connect.

Once configured, the server will have to be kept running and maintained during the game. For accessing it from the Minecraft we will have to introduce the IP address or the public address of our server, for which the firewall will have to be deactivated and added a rule for it not to block the incoming and outcoming connections of the server process.

For being able to crate and run our own Minecraft server we will need to have installed and functioning JAVA Runtime Environment.

The Minecraft servers are being updated regularly, so it is recommended to be attentive to the new versions and download the latest available version of Minecraft Server.

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Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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Minecraft Server Tutorials and Guides

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How to Install Minecraft Server

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Minecraft Server Tutorial

Minecraft Server Tutorial

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Minecraft Server Guide

Minecraft Server Guide

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Minecraft Server in Other Languages

Minecraft Server in Spanish

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