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Puzzle and Mind Games

If you’re not afraid to say “I love puzzle games” then you’ll love our category for your PC. The controversial game Minecraft as well as Hidden Object and even Candy Crush are puzzle games. These are highly addictive, but at the same time they’re games that can make you think and improve your memory: Mind games

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Puzzle and Mind Games Guide

What would you say if I told you that there is a fun way to become a smarter person? Too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not. Activities such as practicing new skills and learning facts are always presented to us as non-exciting. However, there is no need for education to be boring. Welcome to the puzzle games category, full of mind games that will help the young (and not so young) increase their brain activity in a great combination between entertainment and education. Get involved in the learning process in a fun way!

Let’s talk about some of these amazing brain games!

Minecraft, the king of puzzle games

Minecraft might not fit the traditional description of a puzzle game. However, it could be defined as a crafty game just by looking at its name, and it is without a doubt the king of this category.

Minecraft can easily be described with two words: blocks and imagination. As simple as it might sound, this conception made Mojang an amount of money I’d rather not imagine. Since it has officially launched in November of 2011, Minecraft has sold more than 54 million copies. One of the strong points of this game is that the user has infinite freedom: by using cubes, the players can build basically any structure they can think about.

Minecraft has four basic modes:

- In survival mode the player must use anything within their grasp to avoid dying.

- In creative mode the player has full access to all the resources plus the ability to fly, which always comes in handy.

- In adventure mode the player must use custom maps and explore the surroundings.

- Spectator mode offers an alternative perspective of the Minecraft universe, the player flies around and can check the other player’s point of view.

Apart from those four modes, there is the possibility of a multiplayer game: multiple players can interact and communicate with one another in a single world.

In this category you can download not only Minecraft, but also the Minecraft Server (for free) to create your own private or public server and make constructions with people from all over the world. As you can see, the possibilities never end with this crafty game!

And for those who are looking for a free alternative to Minecraft, Minetest is definitely your game! It shares the concept and the features of the original game, and you can share your experience with a community that won’t stop growing!

The Angry Birds, phenomena

Angry Birds is the perfect example of a successful addictive game. It was released (only for Apple iOS) in December 2009. Ten months later 12 million copies of the game had been purchased from Apple Store.

Its comical style and low price are two characteristics that made it possible to describe the game as “mainstream”. It is amazing to see what such a simple concept (it is basically a demolition game with original graphics) has achieved: all kinds of merchandising, TV cartoons, a film (currently in development), food products, and even attractions in theme parks!

From Rocky Bytes you can download four versions of this super fun game:

- The Classic Angry Birds: you have one job: destroy the green pigs.

- Angry Birds Seasons: same goal, different seasonal scenarios.

- Angry Birds Space: An amazing adventure in collaboration with NASA!

- Angry Birds Star Wars: Birds using light sabers? Dreams do come true!

The classics: Brain Games and Crossword Puzzles

Now you don’t need to be in a room with friends or family to enjoy a great game of Scrabble, the crossword puzzle par excellence. And now you can do it anywhere and play with people from all over the globe!

This great classic world puzzle game has now been re-imagined for PC, all the fun of the board game on your screen! One of the aspects that makes it especially appealing is the fact that you will not lose any letters under the table or behind the sofa, so you will no longer have to worry about losing pieces!

Scrabble is a very simple brain game that does not require a very powerful computer and that will help you expand your vocabulary!

Magnum Opus is basically a trunk of memories that you can download for free. It is like a warehouse full of classic puzzle games, brain games and word games.

Inside of Magnum Opus you can find mind games such as crosswords, cross-quizzes, and Akari. All games come with guidance buttons that will help you master them in no time!

Magnum Opus also stores one kind of game that has become very fashionable in the recent years and will keep your brain activity flowing for hours and hours. Yes, you guessed it right: Sudoku!

Top Puzzle Games

Just as expected, the puzzle games category has one absolute winner, and both the users and Rocky Bytes agree with the fact that Minecraft is the absolute leader.

According to Rocky Bytes, the second and third positions on the podium belong to the Minecraft Server and to the different versions of Angry Birds (Classic, Seasons, Space and Star Wars).

Another free puzzle game that seems to be very likeable is Icy Tower, an extremely addictive vertical-scrolling game. The objective is to jump from one icy block to the other without falling, and it happens to be quite a challenging goal. Plus, it is especially popular among kids!