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Action & Fighting Games

Enter into the marvelous world of action games with your favorite character, defeating your enemies and successfully completing missions. Attack, wrestle, challenge, fight, and overcome levels and obstacles to cheat death and escape from the game alive. Are you strong enough to survive with these action & fighting games?


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Action and Fighting Games Guide

Action games are directly related to physical contact almost 100% of the time. The player controls the protagonist of the game and needs to have high levels of hand-eye coordination in order to achieve its goals. Its most related subcategory is fighting games, and on Rocky Bytes you can find a great variety of fighting games downloads for PC.


Fighting games

In almost every fighting game the players control a character which is engaged in combat with at least one other character. They normally involve a number of rounds that determine who the winner of the fight will be. In order to emerge victorious, the player needs to master a series of techniques to hurt his opponent. Those techniques involve, attack and defense movements (kicks, punches, blocking …), but also a sequence of attack moves known as “combos”. In most fighting games the player can perform really impressive attacks using different buttons and combos.

Fighting games are often criticized for promoting violence, but they are not that different from other sports. Most of them are boxing games after all, or involve martial art disciplines.

Here are some cool fighting games that you can download on Rocky Bytes:

Mortal Kombat is a legend among action games. In the original version of the game, and just as its name indicates you need to fight to the death against your enemies. You can fight against more than 30 characters (or play as them), each of one has its own fighting style and techniques. Mortal Kombat offers entertainment for weeks!

Dragon Ball Budokai Z is the perfect game for Dragon Ball Z fans! It provides retro-inspired graphics and features over a hundred characters of the original series, even the villains! It is impossible to get bored with Dragon Ball Budokai Z due to the different modes you can choose to play: the saga mode to obtain new characters, the battle mode and the online mode, in which you’ll be able to compete against other players from all over the world!


Side-Scrolling Action Games

On a bit of a different note we can find Trine, a very popular side-scrolling action game with elements of a puzzle game. In a medieval environment, the player controls a thief, a wizard and a knight who need to battle their enemies and solve puzzles in order to progress through the story.

After the King’s death, an undead army began an all-out attack, and it is the player’s mission to go back to the initial peaceful situation in this action game. To do so, the user must switch between the three protagonists and choose the most suitable character for each one of the challenges they will find, which include combats against skeletons, spiders, bats and boss characters.

Trine also offers an amazing multiplayer game!


Play Action Games to feel like a hero

One of the reasons that explain the popularity of action games is the need that we have to become our heroes, even if it is just through the screen. This happens at all ages really, but specially during our teenage years, when we need referents or idols more than ever.

Action games allow us to be whoever we want by controlling our favorite characters and achieving our goals while doing it. For example, in Dragon Ball Z Budokai X, that just as its name indicates, is based in the Dragon Ball series, so it allows you to fight as Goku. Goku, who we’ve seen on the screen of our TV or in comics for decades is now controlled by us. It is kind of magical in some way.

This fan-idol connection becomes even more evident when talking about WWE RAW, where you can fight as legendary wrestlers such as Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” or Kane.

And what about our childhood favorite pizza-eating ninjas, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello? How great is it that we can enact them in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Shooting Games

Action games often involve guns, and shooting games are known to be good at relieving stress without hurting anyone, which is positive. The most famous type of shooting games are FPS (First-person-shooters), in which the player has a first-person perspective of what the gun holder can see and shoot. Have a look at our selection of the best shooting games.


Action Games Free Download

All of the action games available at Rocky Bytes offer a free download, either a free demo or the complete game.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai X, Counter-Strike 2D, World of Tanks, Mount & Blade and Mortal Kombat offer a free game download.

Star Citizen, WWE RAW, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) offer a free demo download.


Top Action Games

Here’s a selection of the best action games for PC available for download on Rocky Bytes, most of which are free to play:

All of the action games are very well rated by our experts but the three best positions are occupied by Mortal Kombat, WWE RAW and Star Citizen.

According to our audience and judging its opinion by the number of downloads, the top three action games are Mortal Kombat, Dragon Ball Z Budokai X and WWE RAW.