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Sonic World

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"A bright and brilliant fun game starring everyone's favorite blue hedgehog."

Sonic World Specifications

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Sonic World Review

Sonic World is one of the most ambitious fan games in existence. It holds dozens of hours of content, by far the most any one Sonic game has had, official or otherwise. With dozens of stages, each with their set of missions, and a cast of playable characters that each have unique properties, the sheer amount of content it holds will keep you busy for far longer than any of the mainstream games.

You can tell that Sonic World was made by fans because it has a ton of the most popular properties from the mainline series that never made a return. The most notable one is the Chao Garden. Introduced in Sonic Adventure 2, many fans and ex-fans have fond memories of creating the perfect Chao and putting it into the arena. 

Well, Sonic World marks the first time the garden has returned in any form. And you can do all the things you could back in Sonic Adventure 2. You can raise your Chocobos, play a ton of minigames with them, pray for rare Chaos, and set them at each other to fight to the death. You know, like a good parent.

But what about the main game? How is it? Well, it's a mixed bag honestly, but more hit than miss. There are a ton of maps built into the game and not all of them come from the same creator, thanks to the robust map creator. The proper developers encourage people to create their maps and add their favorites to the main game. This means that map quality varies drastically. Some are tight and have fantastic setpieces, and others are far too wide open, with a whole lot of nothing going on.

There are also special stages that reward you with Chaos and Sol emeralds. Long-time fans of the series will know exactly what Chaos Emeralds are. However, only the fans who've played the Sonic Rush will recognize the term Sol Emeralds. Basically, they're the Chaos Emerald equivalent of the dimension that Blaze the Cat is from. Collecting all seven will allow her to access her super mode, Burning Blaze, in both the Rush series and this game.

Speaking of Blaze the Cat, we need to talk about all the characters that you can play as. There are all the characters that you'd expect, like Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Blaze, etc. You know, all the characters that have been playable in the Sonic Adventure series and Sonic Heroes.  Then there are a ton of more obscure characters like Emerl from Sonic Battle, Jet and Wave from Sonic Riders, Shade from Sonic Chronicles, and Team Chaotix from Sonic Heroes. Then there are some completely out of nowhere choices that only the most hardcore Sonic fans will know. I'm talking about characters like Mighty the Armadillo, Ray the Flying Squirrel, Fang the Sniper, Bean the Dynamite (which is not an animal), and Bark the Polar Bear. All of those characters were either one-shots in the earliest of Sonic days, unreleased concepts, or Sonic comic characters. That's how you know that this game was made by diehard Sonic fans - people who've only played the modern games would have absolutely no idea who any of those characters are.

All in all, Sonic World is a real passion project. A fan game made by fans. It's kind of a contradiction. You can feel the passion behind some of it, but there really are some bad stages here and there. I'd personally put it down to some of the fans just not quite having the skill behind their passion, but I can appreciate the effort. Sonic World is one of the more ambitious Sonic fan game projects out there, and I'd recommend a download.

Warning: You need 7zip to be able to access this file. Make sure to pick it up from our website right here by clicking on this link.


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Sonic World Tutorials and Guides

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How to Install Sonic World

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How to Play Sonic World

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