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How to Install Sonic World

Having trouble installing Sonic World? Take a look at this guide.

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8th out of 528

In order to follow this guide you will need to download Sonic World. Please click the green button below.

Sonic World is one of the most ambitious Sonic fan games out there, but finding out how to install it is actually surprisingly annoying. Luckily, the process is actually quite simple.

You could easily download the files from our website, but I recommend doing it on their official fansite for a number of reasons. Number one is that it's where the latest news and updates can be found - we try to keep up to date, but nothing beats the official website. The second reason is that you can also find a number of resources that can make your gameplay experience more enjoyable, such as Mods, Tutorials, Leaderboards, FAQs, the official Discord server, and more.

Go to their website at https://sonicworldfangame.com and click on the downloads tab up top.

The earliest releases will be on the top of the list, and should you prefer the older versions for whatever reason, they're there. Clicking on the latest release banner will direct you to a download page which, as of this time in writing, is a Google Drives page. Ignore the warning about it being unable to scan the file because it's too large - you have nothing to worry about.

Once you download the hefty archive file, simply unzip it into whatever folder you prefer and that's it! You're ready to play Sonic World now!

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