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  7. Top 10 F2P Games of 2019

Top 10 F2P Games of 2019

Top 10 F2P Games of 2019

Top 10 Free to Play Games 2019

Over this past year, more and more high-quality free games have been released. There are all kinds – remakes of old classics, triple-A games made to take advantage of a certain market, and MMORPGs. With so many to choose from, how can one know what the best ones are? Don't worry. We're here to pick out the best of them so you don't have to.


  1. Missed Messages

    There are a ton of free visual novels on Steam, but few tugged at the heart strings like Missed Messages. With themes like friendship, kindness, suicide, love, and honesty, the themes hit home hard. What's most impressive is that it manages to convey all of them successfully despite its short playthrough time of 15-30 minutes. With a total of four endings, there's little reason not to at least take a look – you might be pleasantly surprised.

          You can download Missed Messages here!




  1. Aleph One – Marathon

    Before Bungie's Halo shook the gaming world by storm, they had released the Marathon trilogy way back in the 90s as a macOS exclusive. With their blessing, fans have ported it over onto the PC and updated it tirelessly to modernize it, with it still being updated to this day. This project is known as Aleph One. With its amazing art style, dark and moody atmosphere, and surprisingly engaging storyline, you could already see the great DNA of Halo being formed in this dated but still excellent trilogy.

          You can download Aleph One - Marathon here!




  1. Apex Legends

    Made by the developers of the excellent Titanfall franchise, Apex Legends is their attempt to branch out into the battle royale genre, bringing with them the tight gunplay and fun movement physics over from their parent franchise. Despite some minor controversy in recent times, this game still boasts the tightest gunplay and movement out of all the current battle royale genre. Not only that, each character playing so differently lets you dedicate yourself to one and master their capabilities – something the other battle royale games don't let you do. Fans of the genre should check it out if they haven't already.

    You can download Apex Legends here!



Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic may have largely faded away in modern MMORPG discussion, but it's still worth checking out. Despite its waning playerbase, they've still consistently giving it updates that continue the storyline, with the latest story arc teasing a return to the conflict between the Republic and Empire.                With free to play restrictions being greatly loosened in recent times and the ability to play each class's story to completion, there's little reason not to give it a look if you're a Star Wars fan.

You can download Star Wars: The Old Republic here!



  1. Sonic World

    Let's be honest, the official 3D Sonic games have been incredibly inconsistent. With each promising addition to the now familiar boost formula, they've had other missteps like the werehog. Fan games have endeavored to tackle the 3D Sonic problem, and Sonic World is the most complete so far. Featuring momentum based movement, a wide variety of characters, and most importantly the Chao Garden, Sonic World already boasts dozens of hours of gameplay. The latest release has added even more content to the game, and now is a great time to take a look yourself.

    You can download Sonic World here!



  1. Path of Exile

    Path of Exile has been going strong in the ARPG genre, being the only big named one left that's still getting constant and regular updates. Its atmosphere, skill forest, and near unlimited amounts of build variety has given it the longevity that's eluded so many others of its kind. Its current expansion update, Legion, has shaken the game up once again, and now is a great time to hop on in.

    You can download Path of Exile here!



  1. Halo Online (ElDewrito)

    PC users being flubbed by recent Halo releases (up until earlier this year), fans have been clamoring for a modern Halo experience on the PC. Fans took it upon themselves and created ElDewrito, which let the community experience it. While no longer updated by the dev team due to legal reasons, it's still easily accessible and the team behind it has gone on to work on the upcoming Master Chief Collection PC version in an official capacity. The mod is still being updated constantly by the community, however, and there's a wide breadth of minigames and maps to experience.

    You can download Halo Online (ElDewrito)here!



  1. Deltarune

    Undertale was a surprise hit in the gaming industry, gaining widespread popularity due to its unique gameplay, story, and heart of its characters. Deltarune was a surprising release as well with almost no fanfare, with the creator just dropping it into Twitter one day. Even more surprising is that it wasn't a demo l.ike everybody thought, but a fully fledged and complete game with a complete story. With an overhauled battle system and a new story structure focused around a core cast, newcomers and old fans alike will find plenty to like about Deltarune.

    You can download Deltarune here!



  1. Teamfight Tactics

    While the Auto-Chess genre has its roots as a humble Dota 2 custom game, its mix of gambling, economy management, and tactics have caused larger companies to take interest in it. Teamfight Tactics is the League of Legends's take on it, whiel also putting a unique spin on the genre that sets it apart from the other competeitions. The most obvious is the hexagonal grid positioning, allowing for formations unlike other Auto Chess games. Others are the unique carousel rounds that allow for you to grab that lynchpin unit or item you needed. Fans of the Auto Chess genre should check this up and comer out!

    You can download Teamfight Tactics here!



  1. Dwarf Fortress

    If you haven't ever heard of Dwarf Fortress, you are in for a treat. This game is designed to simulate a living, breathing fantasy world. While the ASCII graphics might be offputting to you at first, as does the learning curve, you'll quickly find that there is no other game like it on the market. The sheer variety, depth, and hilarious stories you can get from your escapades in managing your dwarf fortress makes this an easy eternal recommendation. Best of all? It's free and constantly updated, though I urge you to donate if you find yourself losing dozens of hours in this fantastic game.

    You can download Dwarf Fortress here!


There's a little something for everybody nowadays, isn't there? It shouldn't matter what kind of games you like – if you like action games, give Halo Online a shot! If you're nostalgic for old school ARPGs, Path of Exile will be more up your alley. If you like story-based games? Missed Messages or Deltarune's got you covered. There are some fantastic free offerings nowadays, and if none of these quite scratch your itch, something out there no doubt will.

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