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Star Wars The Old Republic


"A Star Wars themed MMORPG game."

Star Wars The Old Republic Specifications

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Star Wars The Old Republic Review

Star Wars The Old Republic is a MMORPG based in the expansive Star Wars universe it also has a single player version available.

Choose whether you will fight for the light or dark side and what kind of character you will be, of course I went for the obvious, who doesn’t want to be a Jedi?

The opening sequence is really nice to this game and had me excited to play it, the game itself was quite enjoyable as you are rushed in to your first battle with the flesh eaters before you have even had one day of Jedi training.

Using the keyboard to control your character can take a little away from the game as you can only really move side to side and forward and back and it doesn’t look particularly natural, I enjoyed my first few fights with the flesh eaters but the fight sequences can become very repetitive after a while and then it starts to lack in fun.

The missions are nicely done having an arrow on your map guiding you to the next place you need to go is very helpful to make the game a linear experience, the cut scenes are nicely animated also and having a choice of replies when your character is asked a question is great, you can come across as noble and valiant, indifferent or an arrogant know-it-all!

Sometimes it can feel like the missions are too spaced out and you have to spend an awful lot of time walking which can become a little boring.

This said it’s a fun game and it’s free and that is always a winning combination, also it’s Star Wars and it’s always cool to be a Jedi or a Sith for a day.

Star Wars the Old Republic is nice to look at also and I am sure there are plenty of adventures to be had in the multiplayer version of this game


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Star Wars The Old Republic Tutorials and Guides

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Star Wars The Old Republic Guide

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How to Play Star Wars The Old Republic

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Star Wars The Old Republic in Other Languages

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