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How to Play Star Wars The Old Republic

Confused on what order to tackle the content? Take a look at this guide!

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Star Wars The Old Republic. Please click the green button below.

After years of updates, SWTOR has a ton of different content. After you finish the main story, you may find that it is difficult to understand in what order you're supposed to play it. Take a look at this guide and you're good to go!

1. Story Content

Assuming you start with a level 1 character and not buy an Outlander token, then you'll start off with your class's story quest. This is the main draw of the game - you definitely want to follow along until you finish Chapter 3. However, there are a ton of mini storylines inside as well. Specifically, the various flashpoints.

While both factions tend to share the same flashpoints for the most part, there are a couple of unique ones. On the Republic side, you have EsselesTaral V, and the Maelstrom Prison. On the Empire's side, you have Black TalonBoarding Party, and the Foundry. The latter two of each path will hold special interest for you if you're a fan of the Knights of the Old Republic series, as they specifically deal with what happened to those characters.

Once you've hit level 50 and finished the main story here, there is a recommended path in the order you tackle the remaining content.

  • Dread War
  • Rise of the Hutt Cartel
  • Shadow of Revan prologue
  • Dread War (Do the HK-51 mission as well)
  • Shadow of Revan main story
  • Finish up any companion missions as you can't complete these after starting the next mission.
  • Knights of the Fallen Empire (Make sure to complete all content before here, as you can't return)
  • Knights of the Eternal Throne
  • War for Iokath
  • Fractured Alliances
  • Ossus

That's the general order in which you want to play the missions. However, there are a few different things to talk about when it comes to Flashpoints. Some of these flashpoints have Story modes that are designed to be played solo - you get an overpowered droid that carries you through things. Most of the important storyline Flashpoints can be played this way. However, there are also a few flashpoints that don't have this feature that you may want to try.

Here is a list of these flashpoints:

  • Kuat Drive Yards
  • Hammer Station
  • Athiss
  • Mandalorian Raiders
  • Cademimu
  • Red Reaper
  • Kaon Under Siege
  • Lost Island
  • Czerka Corporate Labs
  • Czerka Core Meltdown
  • Crimson Fang
  • Done and Dusted
  • Firefrost
  • Fractured
  • Inferno
  • Trench Runners
  • Destroyer of Worlds
  • Divided We Fall
  • Landing Party
  • Trial and Error

While all of these flashpoints are designed to be played in a group, a well-geared skill player with a high-level, high influence companion can solo this. Not easily, mind you, but it can be done.

2. PvP and Raids

With PvP, you can pretty much jump in at any level you want - the game's PvP scaling ensures that you won't be completely irrelevant. Obviously, since you don't have the skills and traits that they do, you won't be quite as effective as max level players, but if you simply want PvP tokens, you shouldn't feel pressured to skip it.

As for raids - or operations as they're known - there's no two ways about it. You need to join a guild and set a proper time for everyone to work together. Older raids may be possible to take on with a maxed out small party, but there are certain mechanics that make it almost impossible to solo, though theoretically if you are completely maxed out and an expert, you could kill some of the bosses alone.

All content not mentioned on here such as starfighter assault or otherwise can likely be done solo. We hope this guide has helped you enjoy SWTOR to the maximum!

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