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"Experience one of the longest running MMORPGs in existence."

Everquest Specifications

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Everquest Review

I never had a chance to play Everquest - I wasn't old enough to even really play video games when it first came out. However, I have heard about it constantly over the years, with many citing is as a pillar of achievement in terms of content and story. But how does it hold up now? Let's take a look.

To install Everquest, all you need to do is run the installer and you're good to go.

(Name censored for privacy)

The massive amount of options is apparent from the moment you start creating your character. There are sicteen races to choose from, from the more normal Dark Elves to sentient frogs named...well, Ftogloks. You can also play as an ogre, a race most MMORPGs won't even touch. You can choose the perfect race for your roleplaying purposes.

This game doesn't indicate which NPCs have quests for you - you have to actually read NPC titles in this game and pay attention to the chat log to figure out who has a quest. Don't worry, though - quests in this game aren't too important unlike quest sin modern MMORPGs. THe only ones you should worry about are class quests.

Instead, you should go exploring. The modern MMORPG has a linear progression - this game has an atmosphere of mystery that rewards explorers. 

The game looks as dated as when it came out, and the combat itself is honestly boring. However, Everquest has a ton of things that modern MMORPGs don't have. If you can look past its dated interface and graphics, then you're in for a good time.


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