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Sports Games: Basketball and Soccer Games

You’ll probably like our sports games category if you watch all of your favorite team’s games on the edge of your seat, dress in your team’s colors, and have a jersey with your favorite player’s number hanging in your closet. If this sounds like you, then don’t miss out on all the best sports games for PC that includes basketball and soccer games!

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Sports Games Guide

Sports games have always been one of the most powerful categories in the videogames world. The most popular sports of each country are always followed by a great media display, and we are constantly exposed to what our sports idols are up to. This way, even if we don’t do any exercise ourselves (which is not ideal) sports are always a part of our daily life.

Watching football and basketball players compete in our TV screen is exciting, but we have no control over what the score is going to be. However, football games (or as Americans would say, soccer games) and basketball games allow us to be them (or to step into their shoes), to be the great players we admire and to control every move they make.

Sports games also give us the possibility of to be a part of our favorite team in a very direct way, being responsible for both their victories and their failures. Multiplayer modes are very popular feature of sports games, because competing against your rival team is even more exciting if your friend (or, why not, a stranger) is behind it.

In Rocky Bytes we offer sports games for pc, most of which involve a free download.

Soccer or Football Games

Football games (or soccer games) are the kings of sports games. It is quite surprising coming from the mainly American users of this portal, because basketball is one of the three most popular sports in the nation while football is just supported by a minor percentage of fans. Football games offer you the possibility to play exciting matches against your friends or the CPU, becoming the master of the ball and getting angry at the referee decisions. Competition is competition after all. 3D soccer games make the playing experience way more realistic! It is hard to resist to control the moves of the best footballers on earth, such as Leo Messi or Neymar!

Here are some football games for pc that you can download from Rocky Bytes:

The two biggest series of football games have been FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer for many years, now, and Rocky Bytes offers a fast download for different editions of both of them.

- FIFA 12 is one of the most famous is one of the most famous football simulators of all times. It allows you to play either as a member of your favorite team or as a player of your country’s national soccer time (or another’s).  Career mode will give you all the information about your performance!

- Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 has improved many aspects of the previous editions of this Konami football games series. The better graphics (which include 3D effects) provide a more realistic experience, the more appropriate controls (100% control of the passes and kicks) increase the playability of the game… And if you want to upgrade to an even more realistic version of the game, you can also download Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 from our site!

Basketball Games

Basketball means movement, speed, contact, coordination, team play… and that’s exactly what basketball games provide. Inside this category we can make one more division between urban basketball games, which show how the game is played on the streets, and the basketball games that allow you to play in the best basketball league on earth: The NBA.

Here are some basketball addicting games available for download in Rocky Bytes:

- Freestyle Street Basketball belongs to the first subcategory, it is an urban basketball game. It is kind if an unusual kind of game because it is rare to see an MMO sports game. This means that you need to prove your skills playing against hundreds of people online. To make things even more competitive (because the game on the streets ain’t no joke) there is the possibility to create clubs and enter club matches. Open Court mode is the place to practice for those big games. In the game shop you can buy everything you need to customize your team players! The newest sequel of the game, Freestyle 2: Street Basketball, is also available for download. In this second part of the game there are developments in the competitiveness department and new character models!

- NBA Jam is a classic of the NBA basketball games for PC. This release for PC can easily take us back to our younger years when we use to enjoy this game and its retro style graphics. In fact, the appeal of this game lies on how retro it is, featuring all the 90’s NBA all-stars. All 27 NBA teams are represented in NBA Jam, choose your favorite!

- NBA Liveis pretty much the opposite of the previous one. With outstanding graphics and a Platinum Certified soundtrack, NBA Live is the perfect match (sorry about that) for all the basketball gamers or sports games fans in general. To make the games more realistic, both the teams and the player’s performances are designed to fit its real life results. 

Top Sports Games

Here’s a selection of the best sports games for pc available for download on Rocky Bytes, most of which are free to play:

From Rocky Byte’s point of view, the most valuable sports games available are basically the ones belonging to the Pro Evolution Soccer series: PES 2013, PES 2014, PES 2012, PES 5,PES 3… When it comes to basketball games, the best rated one is Freestyle 2: Street Basketball.

The users seem to partly disagree with the website criteria, since the most downloaded game from this category is FIFA 12. The second and third occupants of the podium show some accordance with Rocky Byte’s opinion, they are PES 2013 and PES 5.