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Angry Birds


"Kill green pigs throwing angry little birds at them in this famous Angry Birds game, now for PC."

Angry Birds Specifications

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74.29 MB
Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Angry Birds Review

Angry Birds is a physics based demolition game that puts you in control of the Angry Birds who must destroy the green pigs that stole their eggs. Lay waste to the pigs and their protective construction as you take control of several different types of birds with their own unique abilities. In order for you to be successful, you will need to use each’s skills to your advantage both logically and strategically. Angry Birds is as fun as it is strategic and you’re rewarded with high scores and bragging rights over your friends. If you want to give it a try, you should get it here with this Angry Birds download for PC.

The goal of Angry Birds is extremely simple; you must destroy the green pigs as fast as possible while also causing as much destruction to the construction that protects them as possible. The more you destroy alongside the assassination of the pigs with the Angry Birds, the more stars you will get and the higher your score will be. The three stars are a general indicator for how well you did during the mission, however your numbered score is a tally of all of the points that you gained. Each pig is worth a certain amount of points – and the points vary. Each piece of the green pigs’ construction is also worth points. You can see these points quickly pop up on the screen near the last location of the element before it was destroyed/killed. You can try it out right here with this Angry Birds download for PC.

You’re not going into battle naked. You have some tools at your disposal, the birds. Each bird has its own unique ability that will greatly aid you as you progress through the game boards. The red Angry Bird is the classic bird that you see plastered on every Angry Bird advertisement. It is the most basic of all of the birds; not to be taken for granted though as its shape and weight allows it to be the most balanced of all of the birds. This is the first bird that everyone uses and it simply throws itself against the pigs and their surrounding structures.

The yellow bird is all about speed. After the bird is launched into the air, at any time you can click or tap again to speed up the bird’s traveling speed. It is great when you would like to cut through several pigs or structures in the bird’s path. However, this bird has an odd shape and will be almost completely ineffective if you do not use the speed boost. So if you’re on the fence about whether or not to use the speed boost in mid-flight, use it!

The blue birds are ideal for destroying crystals as their bodies, split into three other parts and can attack at three different levels. The smaller birds that break from the first bird are not as powerful, so using them against tough structures, or large pigs will prove to be very ineffective.

The black birds are ideal for destroying structures, as they will explode like a bomb when you click on them. This is incredibly effective against stone walls in particular, and will become more and more important as time goes on.

There are also the white birds, who will drop an egg bomb that explodes on impact. This lets her reach areas that other birds have a very difficult time reaching because of the angles.

The green birds will fly back towards you after you click on them, making them great for when buildings fall apart easily as they can maul through it one more time. However, they are weak against strong materials as they won't have any chance of coming back after they crash into the buildings.

There is also a giant red birds. It's basically the red bird, but bigger and stronger. It doesn't have any abilities much like the normal red bird, except it can easily crush the most powerful materials.

The orange birds starts off small and can't really do much, but tap it and it will inflate to a massive size. This gives it the unique role of "pushing things over" rather than breaking them, letting you reach priority targets with much greater ease.

Last but not least, the pink birds will create bubbles around her that will lift objects like blocks and pigs. These bubbles only last for about 3 seconds but can be key in freeing up a route to 

This is the main gameplay loop. You have to use a limited amount of birds every level to maximize the amount of damage you do to the buildings. You will also be graded on how few birds you used to destroy all the pigs.

There is also, surprisingly, a story attached to this game. Of course, it isn't exactly in-depth. There is no dialogue and it's conveyed through short comics. However, there is an actual plot and characters. In the beginning, King Pig suddenly comes by and steals the bird's eggs, and they retaliate by injuring him and all his croneys. After a while, he comes back to steal the eggs again, but King Pig manages to trick them with cardboard cutouts this time. The next chapter has them realizing the deception and chasing after him, destroying his fortress and freeing a friend along the way. It seems formulaic, but the fact that a simple puzzle game that was originally for the mobile phone is amazing.

If any of this sounds fun to you, then you should definitely use this Angry Birds download for PC.

Minimum System Requirements

RAM: 512MB or more

CPU: 1GHz or more

Graphics: OpenGL 1.3 compatible

Internet Connection: required for activation

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Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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