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Amazing and addictive unblocked games collection

Amazing and addictive unblocked games collection

You know you want to do it, right? You want to play at school and I’m not talking about soccer or anything like that. You want to play your videogames at school. Sadly, most block games and certain sites so their students focus on their studies, but we’ve got you covered with a list of amazing and addictive unblocked games.

Each unblocked game in this list can be found right here on Rocky Bytes.

Flappy Bird: I don’t think any game in the world has garnered more controversy in the past few years than Flappy Bird, but don’t let that take you away from downloading and playing this game. In Flappy Bird, your goal is to take the eponymous bird through complex maze-like levels that require the utmost coordination. Every level consists on a series of green pipes reminiscent of Mario games; each set of two pipes forms a goal of sorts and taking the bird through each gives you one point. As it goes on, the height differences between a set of pipes becomes incredibly steep. Flappy Bird is addictive, infuriating and you won’t be able to spot playing the game.  

flappy bird unblocked

Happy Wheels: We’ve spoken about this game in the past, and it’s fortunate for you that it has made the list of unblocked games you can play at school. In Happy Wheels, it’s your job to take a group of disabled characters in wheelchairs through treacherous stages filled with death defying (and often inducing) stunts. When you poor folk get hurt, it’ll be a bloody mess, but that won’t stop you from sending the next Happy Wheels character to their potential doom. The stages themselves start of pretty simple, but each one you clear brings you to a more devious one, with deadlier traps and greater challenges to overcome…while making poor people suffer under your command…you monster.

Happy Wheels

Surgeon Simulator 2013: This hilarious game puts you in the shoes of the world’s clumsiest doctor. Fair warning that it’s not meant as a real surgeon simulation game. It’s more about blundering on the operating table and do your best not to kill your patient as you use crowbars and hammers to crack bones. Your task it to perform open-heart surgeries on a variety of patients, blundering about and causing massive damage to the poor fellow as you try to replace his heart with a new one, which you’ll probably get mixed up. As you progress, you get into even crazier scenarios, such as zero gravity or a running ambulance, each adding more challenge to the already difficult to control game. Even more, there are a few cases of brain surgery for you to play and these are just hilarious! What’s best, even if the game is extremely silly, you can claim it has educational value, right? In Surgeon Simulator you are studying the insides of the human body! Just try not to leave the surgical tools inside the patient or your argument might suffer a bit.

surgeon simulator unblocked

Halo: Yes, Halo shows up a lot in our lists and our articles overall, but that’s because:  a) the game is awesome and b) it’s one of the most influential first person shooter titles ever released. Set in the distant future, you play as the Master Chief, a SPARTAN (no, not the guys from 300), a supersoldier in the war against the Covenant, a collection of alien races bent on the destruction of humanity and everything they stand for. Your fight takes you to the mysterious Halos, ring-like colonies floating in the dead of space. But while you think these rings only house your Covenant enemies, there’s more to the Halos than you know. There’s something hidden in the bowels of the ring, something old and vicious and should it escape, then it will take all your skill to defeat it.

But let’s say you don’t want to bother with the main campaign, then you have one of the best multiplayer experiences on the planet, even to this day. There’s nothing like throwing a plasma grenade at an enemy, watch him run away and blow up near his comrades. It’ll make your day, no matter how grumpy you hare.

You can find Halo 1, on Rocky Bytes, unblocked and free of charge.

halo unclocked

Path of Exile: I know, you want to play Diablo at school, but it’s a problem. First is the installation, which can take a long time on school networks, then it’s leaving your account potentially open for someone to tamper with it. Then it’s the fact that you might be broke and getting Diablo III is impossible in the first place. Well, don’t worry because that’s what Path of Exile is for. POE is a free to play action RPG much like Diablo, meaning you’ll kill, loot and move on. Unlike Blizzard’s blockbuster however, in Path of Exile you have thousands of skill choices, all passive bonuses that make your character a bigger badass every time you acquire them. For your active skills, you’ll have to find the gems for them. Put those gems into your weapons and you’ll start to unleash hell upon your enemies. With a vibrant community of players and a challenging level of difficulty, you’ll have problems getting away from the game long enough to go to class or to even study. On that note, it might be irresponsible of us to suggest you play it, but then again, it’s your choice. We’re only telling you that we have it for you and that it is an unblocked game to play at school.

path of exile

So there you go, our list of unblocked games. You can play these at school without any problem greater than maybe some lag in the connection. Just be careful you aren’t caught. We can tell you which games to play, but we are not responsible for a teacher giving you an earful!

As always on Rocky Bytes, we value your opinion, so hit us in the comments and don’t forget to come back for more Game and Software picks!

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