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Happy Wheels


"Happy Wheels is a very addictive, fun, and cruel game for your PC. Enjoy!"

Happy Wheels Specifications

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Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Very Good!
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Happy Wheels Review

You can find just about anything on the Internet to kill time. But some things that you find on the Internet go further than just killing time. Especially for talking about addictive games. There are some games out there that are so addictive that people begin their day looking forward to playing these games. And for some, playing the game is how they start their day. I have to admit, sometimes I have to play a game of Battlefield 4 to completely wake up and start my day.

Happy Wheels the Game

Happy Wheels is a very fun, addictive, and somewhat cruel driving game for your Windows PC, a real bloody physics-based vehicle game. Happy Wheels was a YouTube sensation and viral online game famous for being addictive in nature, containing acceptable cartoon cruelty (some of which pushed the limits a bit), and being open source. Here you can see the Happy Wheel's Gameplay we created:

Funny Gameplay, or not?

The game is so popular that, since it's release, it has crashed the developers website several times, forcing him to upgrade the servers after each crash. And fix countless bugs due to the endless stream of data to and from the game. Within a few days of the game being up on the site users had already used up 800 GB of the developer's, at the time 1200 GB plan. I do not know about you, but I have never heard of that happening. This can only mean one thing: Happy Wheels is extremely fun to play and that people have recognized that since the release of the game. The developer clearly did not see this coming, and why would he? Having the hype on your game go from nearly nothing to extremely high in just a few days is not only impressive, but extremely exciting!

The main objective of this Happy Wheels download is very simple: get to the finish line. How you get to the finish line, is where the fun comes in. To sum it up, it isn't all that easy to complete each level. The developer did a very good job ensuring that it is very close to impossible for anyone to complete a level without at least one failure. And for the levels that are created by other users and shared over the Internet, you can forget about it. Try it out by checking out this Happy Wheels demo. We made a presentation explaining what this confusing and crazy game is about, check out our Happy Wheels presentation to find out about its characters, its levels...

There are many other games out there with goofy gameplay that you may or may not consider just as fun as Happy Wheels, but I personally have not played anything as funny as this goofy little game. It seems one of the main purposes of the development of the game is just to make you laugh while you go through the obstacles and find your way to your goal. That is just something you do not see as the prime focus of many games, but to be honest this is something I think many developers forget about that could really make their games a lot more fun to play. You can see this was clearly thought of when developing Happy Wheels the game and is one of the many reasons why you should give this a download and try to beat the game in one go!

The rather humorous and cruel aspect of the game comes from players failing. It usually isn't a fun death. In fact, it never is. The character that you're playing with usually determines how cruel their death will seem to you. You can choose anywhere from an old man in a wheelchair, to a father and son on a bike. In his blog posts, the developer mentioned that his favorite point in this Happy Wheels demo is where the fat lady explodes. And he hopes that you find just as much enjoyment in that moment as he has had creating it. Regardless, each death is accompanied with a rag doll like effects that are fun and funny to watch. Sharp spinning death traps are my personal favorite, because it just seems like your body can never get off of the spinning spikes. I almost feel like a bad person for laughing, but it's just a game, right?

Happy wheels free download

Happy Wheels Free Download

If you happen to be one that is very sensitive to cartoon cruelty, this game is not going to be for you. If you have a weak stomach, it's probably best that you either don't play Happy Wheels the game, or have a brown paper bag very close by. Trust me, you're going to need it if you plan on playing this game. Do so by downloading this Happy Wheels demo free

Check out this Happy Wheels download and Happy wheeling!

How to install:

1) Download Happy Wheels from the link above.

2) Open Rocky Bytes installer and choose the offers you want or do not want.

3) Once Happy Wheels official setup opens, choose where you want to install Happy Wheels and click install.

4) Open and play Happy Wheels!

Happy Wheels Awards

Extremely Fun Game

Award Received: 2015-06-29 00:30:10

Recommended Game

Award Received: 2014-10-01 09:00:32


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

Happy Wheels Tutorials and Guides

How to Install Happy Wheels

How to Install Happy Wheels

How to install and jump into the Happy Wheels demo.

This tutorial will show you how to install and get right to playing Happy Wheels. To start, please download Happy Wheels from the download link above directly from Rocky Bytes. The game has been tested and scanned, ...

How to Play Happy Wheels

How to Play Happy Wheels

Learn how to play the Happy Wheels demo.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to play Happy Wheels. Not to worry, Happy Wheels is a pretty simple game, so once you know the basics you'll be good to go! To start this tutorial, make sure you have Happy ...

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Happy Wheels in Other Languages

Happy Wheels in Spanish

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