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TOP 10 Weirdest Games on PC. Download and play them!

TOP 10 Weirdest Games on PC. Download and play them!

In many sites you can find Top 10 lists and they’re usually about genres, or games in a series, or mechanics and boss fights, but rarely do you see a list of weird games and there are quite a lot of those out there. From the surreal to the disturbing these titles entertain us at the same time as they make us worry about their developers.

Why would you want to play weird games? Because sometimes they’re even more fun! Here is the most complete list about this kind of games! Download them and enjoy!

The Top 10 Weirdest Games on PC

1) Five Nights in Anime

The FNAF (Five Night’s at Freddie’s) series is already weird, with security guards and children constantly haunted and assaulted by violent animatronics, but then comes Five Nights in Anime and it just makes the original seem sane in comparison. Take FNAF and replace every animatronic with a sultry anime-style version of itself, with shapely bodies and moans instead of screams. When you download it, the result is so weird you’ll probably go play FNAF to shake it off!

Five nights in anime

--> Download Five Nights in Anime <--

2) Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a horrible game but not why you think. In this very weird game you put disabled people on physics based challenge courses. If they succeed then all the glory to them, but if they don’t their broken bodies will litter the ground. The sheer glee you get when you play weird games like this one is concerning!

 Happy Wheels

--> Download Happy Wheels <---

3) Robot Vacuum Simulator

From the makers of all other Simulation games comes this gem of weirdness, where you play as one of those disc-shaped robotic vacuum cleaners. Your task is simple, to clean the house by strolling around. Doesn’t sound too exciting but I could say the same of Eurotruck simulator and many people sink hours into that thing! So it seems that when it comes to weird games to play, these guys know their stuff!

Robot Vaccum Simulator

Robot Vacuum Simulator

--> Download Robot Vaccum Simulator <--

4) Goat Simulator

While we’re on the subject of Simulators, I’ll take a chance to mention this other nugget of madness: Goat Simulator. You walk, eat grass and do a lot of stuff no goat in the world has ever done! It’s completely deranged and as far as strange games goes, it’s high at the top!

Goat Simulator - Weirdest games

--> Visit Goat Simulator Official site <--

5) Hatoful Boyfriend

Hatoful Boyfriend is a game I don’t get and probably never will. It’s a dating simulator where you play as a girl in her new school and try to hook up with her classmates. That’s well and good and not a strange game at all…except when you consider that all her classmates are PIGEONS! Literal birds, with wings, flapping and eating breadcrumbs!

 Hatoful boyfriend
Hatoful Boyfriend

--> Download Hatoful Boyfriend <--

6) Paint the Town Red

What do you get when you mix Minecraft block style animation with gang violence? You get Paint the Town Red, yet another strange game that deserves a spot on our list! It’s all blocky violence, blocky blood and blocky body parts flying around. Clean decapitations and dismemberments, cracked skulls and more, but in a Minecraft style so it’s not gory but just bizarre, almost as if you could later pick up the pieces and build a macabre thing.

Paint the town red

Paint the town red

--> Download Paint the Town Red <--

7) Lullaby for an Electric Toaster

Lullaby for an Electric Toaster puts you in the tiny metallic feet of an electric toaster escaping from bananas and other non-bread things. It starts out scary and then turns into a weirder game with endless fridge dimensions and other surreal settings. The evil bananas are creepy but your toaster is so damn cute!

Lullaby for an electric toaster

 Lullaby for an Electric Toaster

--> Download Lullaby for an Electric Toaster <--

8) Yandere Simulator

In Yandere Simulator you play as Yandere-chan, a popular and sweet high school girl pining for her Senpai, but you’re also a murderous psychotic evil witch trying to get rid of all the competition by any means necessary. It’s a tale of love, murder and revenge, but it’s also strangely a strategy game because you need to keep on your toes and be careful or someone will discover your secret. It’s mad, it’s crazy but it’s also strangely alluring!

Yandere Simulator

--> Download Yandere Simulator <--

9) World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft might be a strange addition to this list of Weird Games for PC but that’s only because you don’t know it as I do. With Panda people, alien goats, demons, dragons, and pink-haired gnomes, World of Warcraft goes weird and freaky in every expansion and every other quest. The world is filled with popular culture references, from Zelda and Mario to Jamaican turns of phrases and one or two saucy joke. With exploding goats and rockets as vehicles and monsters screaming at you because you killed their cats I think you’re starting to see why WoW is in this list right? This can be a very weird game!

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

--> Download World of Warcraft <--


I AM BREAD had to be in here. As the title suggests, this weird game for PC has you controlling a loaf of bread. Your task is to make it to your goal, the toaster, without losing your freshness. The five second rule applies and if you touch the ground—or the ugh, kitty litter box—you’ll lose some of your tastiness. If the concept itself wasn’t strange enough, the controls are completely mental, with each button mapped to a different corner of the square loaf, and it’s a matter of moment and physics to get it moving and climbing the environment! Yes, in this very weird game you play a bread version of Spiderman, because it can clamber up on walls as much as the web-crawler himself!

I am bread

--> Visit I AM BREAD Official site <--

So that’s our list. We’ve left it unordered because we want you to tell us which game deserves the top spot and who’s at the bottom. Tell us the weirdest game in this list! And don’t forget to come back for more, right here on Rocky Bytes!

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