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Five Nights in Anime


"Fun for a short time for fans of Five Nights at Freddies and boobs."

Five Nights in Anime Specifications

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Five Nights in Anime Review

Five Nights in Anime is a fan game inspired by the game Five Nights at Freddy's, you are a security guard on your first night at Freddy’s Anime convention, you must survive the night without any of the heavily chested anime robots walking in to your security guard office because if they find you they will smother you to death with their large chests, I know right you win even if you lose this game!

In this 5 Nights in Anime gameplay you can see what the game is about: 

An answerphone message from your predecessor explains what you have to do and to avoid closing the doors as it will drain the power, try to survive the whole night without being killed or draining all the power so that you’re not left defenseless in the dark.

Five Nights in Anime free download is a novel little game, but can become rather tedious as you just sit in the one place waiting and hoping not to (or hoping, if you really love anime boobs that much) die.

The anime is nicely drawn and fun but there is no real longevity when you play Five Nights in Anime after the first couple of attempts the novelty soon wears off and the jump scares come as no surprise after the first play through, so no real fear factor involved either, the computer monitors that you watch do not show anything other than still images so there is not much interaction in the game other than hoping that none of the sexy animatronic robots come to your door.

FNIA download

If you are a huge fan of the game that inspired this and a fan of cartoon boobs then you should probably check this game out, however if you are looking for something interactive and scary to play I’m afraid you may be disappointed.

Five Nights in Anime may be fun to pass a few minutes time but it’s not the sort of game that will have you desperately wanting to return to play it again, unless your addicted to anime boobs in which case you will have hours and hours of fun waiting to die in what must be said would not be the most unpleasant way, but if you are addicted to anime boobs it may be advisable to seek professional help.


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Five Nights in Anime Tutorials and Guides

How to Play Five Nights in Anime

How to Play Five Nights in Anime

A how to play guide to help you survive Five Nights in Anime.

Five Nights in Anime is a fan game based on the tremendously popular game Five Nights at Freddie’s however the difference here is that the animatronics that come to life are quite sexy and have enormous ...

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Five Nights in Anime in Other Languages

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