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How to Play Five Nights in Anime

A how to play guide to help you survive Five Nights in Anime.

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Five Nights in Anime. Please click the green button below.

Five Nights in Anime is a fan game based on the tremendously popular game Five Nights at Freddie’s however the difference here is that the animatronics that come to life are quite sexy and have enormous boobs!

The idea in the game is to survive Five Nights as the security guard at the animatronic museum where legend has it the animatronic girls come to life and apparently play quite rough. In this gameplay FNIA How to play tutorial you can see how the game is about!

Five Nights in Anime how to play: controls:

The first thing you will need to learn is the controls, as the night watchman you have control over the video cameras throughout the building press the down arrow key at any time to access the cameras. Then you will see a small map with the layout of the building by left clicking on the different rooms with your mouse you can view the live camera in that room.

The animatronics always start off in the furthest room entitled “show” if there is three animatronics in that room then you are safe but once they start to leave that is when you will need to learn how to control the doors. In your office you have a door to the left, to the right and a vent directly in front of you which also has a button to close it but no light available like the doors.

The doors have two buttons on them which can be operated by hovering your mouse over them and using the left click button, the top button on each door will close the door the lower button will provide a back light from the door and adjacent window allowing you to see if there is any imminent danger waiting behind the door.

Once you are familiar with the controls you will need to know how to play the game and hopefully this will help you to survive all five nights. Closing the doors, using the lights behind the doors and even using the video cameras will lower your power if you run out of power you will be defenseless to attacks from the animatronics as your only protection is to close the doors when they are in the rooms nearby, try to keep the doors open as much as possible to save power but be careful when the animatronics are in the four rooms two immediately to the right of your office and the other immediately to your left also do not forget about the vent directly in front of you.

If the animatronics are in any of these rooms close the door or vent using the button and keep a close eye on the camera to see if they are still hanging around if the animatronics retreat to a further room you are free to open the door again and try to conserve power.

Five Nights in Anime how to play: summary:

Always keep a close watch on the rooms surrounding your office this is the only rooms the animatronics can attack you from so you must make sure to protect yourself, try to conserve power by keeping the doors open as much as possible but never when the animatronics are nearby, self-preservation is key to surviving all five nights. Try to find a good balance of making the power last and keeping yourself protected so you don't end up being smothered to death by giant animatronic boobs!

We hope you find this guide useful and good luck surviving Five Nights in Anime.

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