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Age of War 2


"The sequel to the first game featuring more units, more ages, and a more streamlined UI."

Age of War 2 Specifications

DOWNLOADFree (10.88 MB)
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10.88 MB
Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Age of War 2 is Great!
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62nd out of 195

Age of War 2 Review

Warning: You need to have a program capable of running an SWF file to play this game. You can click here to find one such program right here on our website.

Flash games were the precursors to many parts of the gaming industry today. The creativity and willingness to experiment has translated over to the indie games industry, many design elements that are used in AAA games today were first observed in flash games, and the casual nature of many flash games has translated over to the mobile game industry. Age of War 2 is one of those games, expanding on the gameplay set by its predecessor.

To install Age of War 2, simply run the file in whatever SWF player you have.

The gameplay is very similar to the first game at first glance, but it's a lot more refined than before. For instance, each age now has four units to create, each falling into one of four categories: Infantry, Support, Heavy, and Anti-Armor. These exist as counters to each other, with Infantry beating Support, Support beating Anti-Armor, Anti-Armor beating Heavy, and Heavy beating infantry. This serves as a counter to the ranged spamming strategy from the first game.

Another balancing tweak they used is that you will now gain XP when your units die, but your opponent will gain increased XP to compensate. This is a counter to the fully defensive playstyle the first game rewarded so heavily. 

This makes it the better game between the two, so if you liked the first game there's no reason not to play Age of War 2.


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