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Ant Simulator


"Find out what it's like to be an Ant for a day!"

Ant Simulator Specifications

DOWNLOADFree (25.68 MB)
Safe Download for PC - Virus & Malware Free
25.68 MB
Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Ant Simulator is Acceptable
Software Ranking
432nd out of 573

Ant Simulator Review

Ant Simulator is exactly what it says it is, you are an ant and it is a simulator, sadly that's where the problem is, for a couple of minutes it was cool, the ant you control travels quickly the design of the undergrowth that you travel through is nice and varied and well drawn, but there is no game or danger element involved, it becomes a bit samey very quickly and I found myself wishing that there was some sort of mission for me to complete even collecting food and delivering it back to the ant camp or something along those lines, there are other ants but you can't make friends or fight with them so really you have no interaction with the the other ants at all.

For very young children I think they would enjoy ant simulator for a longer period of time as the fantasy of pretending to be an ant is probably more exciting.

The trouble with Ant Simulator is that it's not very stimulating or taxing you don't need to use your brain at all, all you can do is wander round the forest, it would be great if there was a city level where you could avoid being trodden on by humans but there isn't.

This game is probably fun for kids and people with an imagination that has not been totally destroyed by years of television and video games, but it wasn't for me I should also take in to account that this is an early prototype and the game may change in the future.

Try it for yourself and see what you think, you can download Ant Simulator for free here.


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