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How to Play Attack on Toys

How to play Attack on Toys.

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Attack on Toys. Please click the green button below.

Green army men games could practically be its own genre ever since Toy Story and the Army Men series popularized them. Take a look at this guide to see how to be successful in this game.

1. The Basic Controls.

The first step to any game is to learn how to control your character. It's pretty straightforward.

WASD to move your character.

G to throw your grenades.

V to throw out a grapple.

E to enter vehicles.

1-0 and H to buy weapons.

B to go into build mode, where you can then press 1-4 to start building buildings.

Press M to view your map and turning on commander mode.

Left-click to fire your weapon or place down buildings in building mode.

Right-click to aim down your weapon.

Right-click or Left click when you're placing troops down to tell them whether or not to follow you or hold their position.

2. How to plan your defenses

You need to locate your base camp, which is represented by four flags around a small area. This is the location you need to defend. You will want to make sure to identify chokepoints and set up defenses along there.

You have two ways of defending your base - with buildings and units. 

Buildings are the more permanent defenses, the "tower" in tower defense if you would. You want to place these in a way that will optimize their damage while also keeping them alive, because the more they kill, they will gain veterancy. This will increase their overall stats and make them much more effective.

However, that doesn't make the units useless. Units are...well, mobile units. They will rush at the enemy and attack them with everything they've got. When you put infantry down, you can order them to either hold their ground or follow you. Every unit tends to specialize in one type of damage or another, making them incredibly useful for countering specific enemies.

The basic units, while not powerful offensively, still serve an important role by serving as meat shields. The higher tier units are incredibly powerful and can wipe out waves of basic enemies on their own, making them a great investment if you reach the late game.

Also remember that you can also buy vehicles. Vehicles deserve their own section with how effective it is under your control.

3. Vehicles

Vehicles are some of the strongest weapons you have in this game. Using vehicles, you can be practically everywhere on the map while also having a ton more firepower at your disposal. However, driving them effectively can be difficult. You need to be aware of how big a target you are and how slow you move. If you're caught out in the open by a group of anti-vehicle units, you'll have nowhere to go and you will likely die. So positioning is much more critical when you're driving something like a tank.

However, if you're driving something like a helicopter or an airplane, you won't need to worry about positioning just as much. However, you'll instead be worrying about how to fly the damn thing and attacking people with it. This is because you won't shoot directly in front of you, and where your bullets go will constantly be depending on what direction you're flying.

Also note that you will probably have an AI ally manning the secondary guns on whatever vehicle you're on. If you're on a plane, they will man the rear guns, and if you're in a tank, they may man the top turret. Keep that in mind when you're driving around.

All in all, Attack on Toys is a surprisingly in-depth game. We hope this helps!

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