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AVG Antivirus Free

build 1425

"Keep your computer protected from virus thanks to this free powerful antivirus."

AVG Antivirus Free Specifications

DOWNLOADFree (4.23 MB)
Safe Download for PC - Virus & Malware Free
4.23 MB
Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Rocky Bytes Score
AVG Antivirus Free is Very Good!
Very Good!
Software Ranking
16th out of 34

AVG Antivirus Free Review

We all know that the Internet can be a dangerous place for our computer as these days there are a lot of virus and malware going on the web. AVG Antivirus is a free antivirus software which will help us fight against this threat with consuming very little of resources or our computer’s CPU, letting this way a completely fluid use of it and being protected at all times thanks to the permanent guard that checks live any kind of program of file that is acting suspiciously. It will warn us immediately and take actions to block it, quarantine it or delete dangerous files for avoiding something worse from happening. If that's something you need, you should definitely use this AVG Antivirus free download to give it a try.

For that, AVG Antivirus is one of those applications which, in general, provide efficient protection against the majority of the virus that continuously threat the security of our computer:

- AVG Resident Protection: For constantly monitoring the system. Thanks to this module, AVG is capable of detecting the threat before it infects the system.

- AVG Email Scanner: Automatically scans our email.

AVG On-Demand Scanner: Checks anything you like whenever you like. Moreover, AVG Antivirus lets programming on exact date and time, it automatically updates the virus database. Thanks to AVG Virus Vault it isolates infected files without having to move them, or, if we suspect that some USB memory drive or CD have some malware, we can scan it for avoiding the danger, as it is much better to prevent it from happening than curing it after the virus or malware have been installed.

The actual program itself is very easy to use. When you boot it up for the first time, it will have to start initiating the typical first time scan that these programs tend to do. Here is where you'll find one of the biggest stumbling points of the program - the initial scan takes longer than most other programs of its kind. When you consider that that isn't even a big deal in the long run, it makes this free program even more impressive. If that appeals to you, then you should definitely give it a shot here with the AVG Antivirus latest version.

The interface itself is also incredibly clean and appealing to look at. It features a pleasing combination of green and white text on a blank, gray background. The free and the premium features are very clearly distinguished, and the free features are more than enough to keep your computer safe. However, the premium features are very high quality - if you pay, you'll get Hacker Attack protection, privacy, and payment protection. All three of them will have a lock icon over them, and clicking on them will lead to them to invite you to upgrade.

Looking online, you'll quickly find that many antivirus programs will pay to have their products tested by a variety of specialist, independent labs. These tests tend to be incredibly accurate, and a high score will give the company bragging rights and an advertisement tagline, while a low score will have the lab talk them through what's wrong ith their product. There are a couple of tests online that show exactly how good this program is. To explain the rating system, a standard rating means that it has the minimum scores necessary to pass in terms of effectiveness, while advanced features and capabilities will be rated Advanced or even Advanced+. This program received three Advanced+ ratings and one Advanced score. That is how good this program is. If you want to keep your computer safe, you should definitely keep up with our AVG Antivirus latest version.

It doesn't accidentally flag valid programs as malicious and it easily protects your computer from malware. There are very few things making this program bad, especially for a free program that anyone can download. Apart from this all it’s a free antivirus which also offers a 24/7 hotline service for any problem that might occur with the program and also if we catch a virus which we can’t cure.

There is no doubt that these days it’s essential to have an antivirus to protect our computer from malware and dangerous programs which are out there on the Internet. As it is being updated periodically, AVG offers the latest definitions of the most recent virus and protects from external threats, even though, as always, remember that it’s necessary to browse with precaution and not to download files from unsafe or suspicious sites as the best antivirus possible is the user who is using the computer. Give it a try right here with this AVG Antivirus free download.

AVG Antivirus Free Awards

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Award Received: 2015-01-29 09:37:11


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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