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How to Play Battlerite Arena

A general newbie's guide for playing Battlerite Arena.

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Battlerite Arena. Please click the green button below.

Battlerite Arena may be less complex than most MOBAs, but that doesn't change the fact that MOBAs are still one of the more complex genres of games out there. Here's a general guide on how to get started.

1. Basics

I won't go over controls and keybinds because that's up to each individual player. I'll go over the main concepts that you should know about as a player.

  • Canceling abilities

On any ability that has a cast time, you can cancel it. That means any ability that has a cast bar right below your energy bar. This can even cover some auto attacks. To cancel your ability, press C or whatever you bound it to. This is one of the most underrated mechanics in the game. Using this, you can bait somebody into casting a spell to counter your skill, then cancel it and wait your opponent's spell out.

  • Shared abilities

These are abilities almost every character has. Every character has some form of Crowd Control, some form of Invulnerability/mobility, and some form of counter. These will be learned by sight as you play the game more, but the most important thing to note is to generally not throw your abilities into their defensive skills - try to bait it out first.

  • Orb Control

Out of all the orbs in the game, the Middle Orb is the best one easily, to the point that the meta revolves around controlling this orb. It gives you a massive burst of health, regen, and energy. There are generally two ways to play around it - either burst it or zone it. Burst does exactly what you think - have your team focus fire and kill it very quickly from full health. Another way is to zone it. Either push the enemy or the orb in a way that benefits your team. This doesn't have to be literal - just walking at them with a high health character can force them off.

There is another orb - the death orb. This only drops when your teammates die. This restores your energy depending on how much your teammate had before they died, rounded to increments of 25. If your teammate had full energy when they died, that means you can use your ultimate twice in a row, which can often be more than enough to swing the tide of a battle.

There are also mini orbs that are spawned next to walls every 25 seconds. This timer is unique to each of the orbs. They give you a small amount of health and regeneration or energy. These orbs are really underrated, as if you control each of them, they give more than the middle orb. Use your mount button to collect these orbs as fast as possible.

2. More Advanced mechanics

  • Health Bars

Health works a little differently in this game. Every 40 health you lose, your health cap (or real health) decreases by 10. For example, if your max health is 200 and it drops to 160, your health cap will now be 190. The only way to restore that health is to grab those orbs, which is primarily why it's so important.

  • Game Awareness

This is something you should try to improve as you go, and is difficult to teach. Game Awareness means being awre of what the enemy's position and cooldowns are, if you can take a fight or not, when the orbs respawn, and how to initiate or disengage a fight. These are all senses that have to be learned from playing the game a ton.

That's about it, really. If you keep all these concepts in mind, you'll have a big head start over other newbie players!