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"Bitcomet is a torrent file browser, downloader, and internet download manager."

Bitcomet Specifications

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Bitcomet Review

A torrent is a strong, fast moving stream of liquid. While that may not be the definition that you were expecting, it is where the file "torrent file" gets its name from. This is because torrent files are just like torrents. They are strong because they are hosted on seemingly impenetrable servers, and there is power in numbers. And they are fast moving - we can download torrents fast because of all the seeders that they have backing them. Your torrent downloader should live up to it's name as well. And the Bitcomet torrent downloader is making great strives.

"There's an app for that." That statement holds to be true. In fact, it is the favorite saying for iPhone users when they have to defend their devices from the Android enthusiasts. There is an application for pretty much every task that we need our computer to complete. Within the torrent downloading community, there's a few different applications that are used just to download one torrent file: web browsers that allow you to navigate to your torrent file by searching the web, download managers that allow you to download a torrent file that serves as a cue for the torrent application, and torrent downloader that actually downloads the torrent file to your computer. This process can be rather time consuming having to use so many applications to handle one task. The developers at Bitcomet have gotten a bit smarter about this process.

Bitcomet allows a user to handle most of the process from within the application so that its users do not have to go anywhere and more time is spent within the Bitcomet application. You're provided with links to several different torrent sites as well that you probably had no idea they even existed. The application also includes a search bar for the world's most popular torrent site The Pirate Bay. Searching from this bar, however does open up The Pirate Bay's website with your search query inside of your default web browser.

Like a torrent, Bitcomet is strong. It has a great community that provides great feedback which only allows developers to better the application. The application is steadily strengthening with every update putting Bitcomet in the race for the best torrent application alongside BitTorrent, uTorrent, and Vuze. It is fast moving. By combining many services into one application, Bitcomet allows you to move faster and download your torrents faster.

Overall Bitcomet is a great application. Its user interface could be a bit better. With the great services and features that it provides, I think that Bitcomet can make some ui changes that will allow the application to make the competition sweat a bit. The search should be more integrated inside of the application itself rather than linking users to another application. Some other torrent applications already include a meta-search. If Bitcomet did, it would be one to beat. For now, you won't see hundreds of thousands of users flocking to Bitcomet, but if it continues its upward slope, we may see a new king get crowned.

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