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"Add a layer of color to everything that you do with Colorveil."

Colorveil Specifications

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Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Colorveil Review

Do you have issues with your screen being too bright at night even when you turn your PC’s brightness all the way down? Colorveil may be an application for you. With it you can reduce that brightness all the way down to a black screen, or blue screen – but that might be bad luck on Windows – if you wish. The choice is yours with Colorveil. It layers a transparent filter over top of your computer screen so that you can look through any color you want. You’re not limited to black or transparency.

The filter covers everything on the screen, from your internet browser to your video player. Make any movie look evil with a red filter over top of it. Movie scene too bright? Add a dimming black filter over top of it. Maybe your computer is not in the proper hue or temperature. Add a transparent blue filter to make colors look cooler or a transparent red filter to make colors look warmer. Play around with different colors and see how it effects your viewing experience.

Did you know that certain light can help you sleep at night? No night light, no problem! Just place a color filter over top of your PC’s screen since you already leave it on all night and get a better night’s rest.

Colorveil can help your computer save battery. “A lower brightness leads to less power consumption.” You can get more out of a charge when you lower your computer’s brightness. Colorveil can help you push the limits. Your PC only dims to a certain limit, but the black filter in Coloveil can bring your brightness all the way down to 0. This allows you to save the maximum battery possible.

Let’s face it, there’s a bit of a prankster in all of us and I’m pretty sure that, by now, you have figured that an application like Colorveil can be used both for good and for evil. Let’s focus on the evil side for a moment. Here you have a color filter overtop of your entire screen that, at first launch, is pretty difficult for the average PC user to figure out how to even open up the application’s options to change settings. The evil comes in when you put this application on someone else’s computer and run it. They’d have absolutely no idea what’s going on with their computer. Unless they are smart and check their task bar for answers. Bummer… But wait! There’s a solution to that. It’s called Stealth Mode. With Stealth Mode activated, users have no way of exiting the application unless they open the task manager and figure out which application has caused this. It might be quite obvious if the color is bright red and there’s an application running called Colorveil, however if you use black and set the transparency very low, not only would they be less likely to figure out which application is causing the error, but they wouldn’t be able to see the task manager at all. This will force them to have to restart their computer to fix the problem. And unless they have all of their applications set to save when the power button is pressed, they’ll lose all of their work.

Look how evil you are. You’re thinking about doing it aren’t ya? Have at it! Download Colorveil today.


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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