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Dark Sheep Tutorial


"An incredibly enticing and technically marvelous sneak peek into what could be the future of Friday Night Funkin' mods."

Dark Sheep Tutorial Specifications

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Dark Sheep Tutorial Review

Friday Night Funkin' has been a massive hit among the gaming community. It is insanely stylish while also hitting the nostalgia switch with its art style. It's also incredibly moddable, with practically every asset it has being editable. The community has created some amazing mods, and some of them are incredibly technical, with programming that completely revamps how the game works. KadeDev is well known throughout the community for creating these kinds of mods, and Dark Sheep Tutorial is his latest work.

To install Dark Sheep Tutorial, you need to have KadeEngine downloaded. Then, simply drag the files in there.

This mod is incredibly unique. You start it up by booting up the tutorial level on normal difficulty. The level will start off simple enough, but the screen will go black and an unfamiliar, incredibly fast paced song will start playing.

The song itself is difficult enough, but then the twist comes. The UI will start shifting and warping along with the music. You think that the chart's hard enough? Try doing it while the chart's teleporting all over the place, spinning in circles, zooming in occasionally, and even splitting up. It's an incredibly unique experience as far as Friday Night Funkin' goes, and it really highlights KadeDev's technical abilities to constantly push the boundaries of this game.

Outside of that, though, Dark Sheep Tutorial is perfect for what it tries to do, which is give the player a challenging experience against a fun opponent, even if the difficulty gets a little arbitrary at times.


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