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"A really creep and tense and fantastic horror game."

Detention Specifications

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468.4 MB
Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Detention is Great!
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228th out of 258

Detention Review

Ok wow just wow, that was one of the creepiest most tense gaming experiences I have ever had the pleasure and horror to enjoy, Detention alpha demo doesn’t need fancy graphics or rapid game play the whole experience if you are a horror game fan this is just perfect and will make your skin crawl and by no means do the graphics look bad they are rather unique and add to the overall feeling of dread. It starts off fairly innocently where you play as Wei who after falling asleep in class wakes up in a deserted school and starts having to explore to find his way out, upon reaching the auditorium he meets a confused girl called Ray who has no recollection of what has happened in the last few hours and is not sure why she seems to be sat on a chair on a stage in the auditorium, after a brief conversation they decide to try to head home together as the typhoon draws nearer and becomes heavier however things take an even darker twist which you will have to download the game and play it through yourself to see just how much more twisted this fantastic game gets.

Detention is a point and click adventure horror that is filled with problem solving puzzles and has such an uncomfortable atmosphere, this is right up there with the best horror games we have here at RockyBytes and if the demo is this brilliant and horrifying we cannot wait to see how good the full game is going to be.

One tiny flaw with the game is the English is not always perfect but this can’t detract from how good the game is and you have to bear in mind it was created in Taiwan so somethings may have been lost in translation.

You can download the Detention alpha demo here for free and also visit the steam greenlight page here because this game really needs to be made in full!



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