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How to Play Do You Copy

Find out how to get the best ending in this guide.

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Do You Copy. Please click the green button below.

Do You Copy is an incredibly creative horror game, utilizing the idea that your imagination is far more terrifying than anything the developers can make and running with it. If you want to know how to play and especially how to get the best endings, then you should read this guide. Do note that there will be spoilers in this video.

1. The floodlights

This is the main way you're going to communicate with the person you're guiding is through the floodlights. While you can talk to him on the radio, you can't exactly give him instructions in the night. Keep in mind that there are three ways of communicating with the floodlights - you can either give a short signal, flash the light, or give a long signal. What does this mean?

Short signal means that you blink it on and off really quickly. Flashing means a series of short signals,  and long signal means to light the floodlights on and keep it on for a while. To do this, interact with the breaker over and over again, as the circuit breaker in the tower is gone.

2. Fake or real?

As the game progresses, you'll quickly find out that the creature that's chasing him can mimic his voice on the radio. This is a massive source of paranoia for you, as the voices really do sound identical. However, there is a pretty easy way of knowing when the monster is trying to trick you into giving away your position - when the hiker's voice suddenly gets really monotone, then that's the monster. If the hiker is speaking with more inflections in his voice, then that's the actual hiker. This is essential to know for some endings and may make the difference between you dying or not.

3. How to get various endings.

Here is the part of the guide that you probably care about. How do you actually reach the good endings?

Well, there's an important thing to note. Ther are only four choices that matter in any given playthrough:

  1. Whether you tell him to go to the Lake or the Mine
  2. Whether he takes the main or secondary trail after you tell him to go to the Lake.
  3. Whether he goes to Tower 4 or Tower 2 after you tell him to go to the Mine.
  4. Whether or not to communicate with the Floodlight, and what kind of signal to use.

All in all, there are six endings that come from these choices and only one of them leads to the good ending. Every other choice leads to one of you dying. Note that it doesn't matter if you tell him to take the Left or RIght path in the first choice.

Here is a list of all the endings and how to get to them:

  1. The hiker dies. Tell him to go to the Mine, then go to Tower 4.
  2. The hiker dies - alternative. Tell him to go to the Lake, and then take the Main Trail.
  3. The hiker dies. Tell him to go to the Lake, take the secondary trail, and then don't communicate with your floodlights.
  4. You die. Tell him to go to the Mine, go to Tower 2, then communicate with a long floodlight signal.
  5. You both die. Tell him to go to the Lake, take the secondary trail, then communicate with the floodlights in any way.
  6. You both live. Tell him to go to the Mine, go to Tower 2, then either give him a short signal, a flashing signal, or don't give him a signal at all.

As you can tell, only ending 6 is the happy one. All the other endings are simply varying degrees of bad. I hope this guide helped you.

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