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Dota 2


"Experience the successor to the original MOBA right here."

Dota 2 Specifications

Safe Download for PC - Virus & Malware Free
26 GB
Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Rocky Bytes Score
Dota 2 is Great!
Software Ranking
52nd out of 195

Dota 2 Review

The original Dota made a giant splash in the gaming industry when it came out as a simple custom mod for Warcraft 3. It spawned an entirely new genre, one of which was much more accessible than the then traditional RTS while still providing strategy. League of Legends is the most well known benefactor of the new genre. However, the creator went on to Valve to create a sequel to the original mod - Dota 2.

To install Dota 2, you need Steam installed. Once that's done, go to this link to install the game.

This game in comparison to League of Legends has a far steeper learning curve. While in League of Legends, you could simply pick one character in each role as a base from which to expand your game knowledge, Dota 2 discourages that, as a hero can be incredibly overpowered some games and weak against others. You need to have the knowledge to understand when a hero is a good pick or not.

However, the fact that this game rewards knowledge so much also makes it much more rewarding to continue playing for a long time. 

If you aren't a fan of MOBAs, however, this game also features an extensive custom map and genre arcade scene. In fact, the new genre of Autochess came from this game's custom mode! There are endless hours of fun in the arcade as well.

Overall, Dota 2 has a ton of features that will make it easy for fans of the genre as well as newcomers find a way to have fun.


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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Dota 2 Tutorials and Guides

Dota 2 Guide

Dota 2 Guide

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Dota 2 has a ton of things over its competition, and one of them are the tons of different modes it has. What would be wacky one off modes in other MOBAs are mainstays here, and that works to its advantage. But what ...

How to Play Dota 2

How to Play Dota 2

Dota has a massive pool of heroes, but which ones are the best for beginners?

Dota 2 has a ton of different roles and heroes that fill those roles. It can get pretty hard for newcomers to wrap their heads around it. I'm going to explain what each role does and give beginners some recommended ...

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