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"The most incredible role playing modification for GTA V"

FiveM Specifications

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FiveM Review

FiveM is the mod all you law abiding citizens of Los Santos have been waiting for!

How to explain FiveM, well it’s crazy but not in a way you might assume you see with the FiveM mod you are placed inside the world of GTA V (single player mode but it is populated with fellow players and of course the AI) but unlike the usual GTA V game this is not a world full of car chases and gun fights, this is more or less the opposite which makes it so awesome, people in this community take on roles, whether it be a tough talking cop, a fireman with a passion for theater, a petty thief, or just a businessman trying to make his way in the world, welcome to the world of GTA roleplay!

There are very strict and stringent rules within the FiveM servers and breaking them will soon see you blacklisted, unlike normal GTA online griefing and bad sportsmanship is not encouraged here and roles are expected to be taken seriously.

Some of the mods within FiveM are fantastic and there is all sorts of new things being added all the time, want to be a journalist then you can apply the Weazel news camera to your avatar and follow the goings on around Los Santos, if you play as policeman you are expected to play professionally, come across a carjacker then you pursue and arrest, not kill after which you will take the perpetrator to the police station for processing as you would in real life!

There are different severs each with different rules and you are expected to be aware of them should you enter, also in most instances you must have a Rockstar social profile to show you own the game of GTA V legitimately before playing FiveM.

Being a mod whether or not FiveM breaks GTA’s TOS has been a hot topic for some time however as the mod functions within the single player mode of GTA it is widely accepted that there is no problem using the mod and it’s ever increasing popularity is proof of this.

FiveM has spawned a lot of communities of players who want to roleplay and even an incredible series that is made very much in the vein of a British police documentary yet in the world of GTA, really “Inside the Constabulary” is absolutely something you need to see, the voice acting may leave a little to be desired but the watching the roles and professionalism between the players is something to be in awe of.


So if you want to become a part of this incredible growing community, inside the different servers you can find all sorts of things to appeal to you, whether it may be fully organized and legal street races including safety cars or an emergency services role play it is all to be found in this incredible and ever growing community.

So pick your role, download the FiveM modification for free (you must own an existing copy of GTA V for it to work) and start playing GTA in a way that you could have never possibly imagined!


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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