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Flash Player 64-bit


"Finally the Flash Player version for 64 bits browsers is now available."

Flash Player 64-bit Specifications


The download of Flash Player 64-bit is no longer available. Fortunately we have a great alternative that may be close to what you are looking for:

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VLC Media Player

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Flash Player 64-bit is Great!
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76th out of 111

Flash Player 64-bit Review

Finally Adobe gave in and offers us the Flash Player 64 bits add-on compatible with browsers of 64 bits, as until now only the 32 bits version had been available, that is why, because of the big acceptance and use of the flash technologies, the 64 bits browsers couldn't be used with the majority of the web pages.

Flash Player is a high-performance player, nice and highly expressive what offers a complete and consistent experience on the main operating systems, web browsers, mobile phones and other devices.

This is the new version of the excellent Flash Player. The improvements in comparison to its previous version are focused on 3 areas: create a more robust programming model, achieve perfect compilation to the standards and improve the performance.

Flash Player 64 bits is available in 2 version, one for the Internet Explorer (IE) and the other for the rest of the browsers, like Opera, Firefox and Chrome (NO-IE).

Essential for viewing flash content on Internet with the 64 bits browsers.

More Flash Player Downloads:

Adobe Flash Player internet explorer
Adobe Flash Player

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