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"Create a personal local network for gaming purposes, and anything in between, with Hamachi."

Hamachi Specifications

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Hamachi Review

Hamachi is an application which lets us establish in an easy and fast way to set up a virtual local area network (LAN) through the Internet between various computers, with no need to worry about firewalls, routers and other elements of the network which filter incoming and outgoing connections.

Hamachi Free Download

Once you have installed Hamachi, you will go to the control panel, in the “Network connections” section, Hamachi will create a new network interface, which is the one that will be used for the virtual local area network. But what having a network like this really gives us? Thanks to the network created by Hamachi we will be able to access our computer from any place, share files and do many other things, exactly what we would be able to do with computers connected by the same local network. Anyway, one of the most popular uses of Hamachi is playing through Internet, as thanks to the local network simulated by it we can play through a local network the games that don’t have multiplayer mode in the Internet version.

To get the advantages that we get with Hamachi, we just need to download Hamachi and install it on the computers that we want to connect to the network, introduce the IP address of each of them for having a private virtual network, or VPN, between these computers. It will use the Internet connection, but in reality we will have the same features as if they were connected through a LAN connection, with the direct access to all of the computers and with very strong data encoding with AES 256, which will protect us from the network intrusions and will separate our local network from the rest of the Internet.

Hamachi, to this day, has been the "go to" application when it comes to easy inter-networking when it comes to gaming. Since most people do not want to have to go through the trouble of learning how to port forward on their router, you do not have to with Hamachi. The application will basically make your computer act as if it is on the same network as those you have in your private Hamachi network. This will give you the ability to use most features you would normally be able to use on a Local Area Network (LAN) that you would not be able to use over the Internet. This is because these features would typically be very insecure when used over the Internet - and would basically be impossible because of how networking over the Internet are set up. Hamachi dodges all of these issues and limitations and allows you to be on a Virtual Private Network (VPN) over the Internet to private connect with your friends.

When you give this network information out so your friends will join it, they will also need to have Hamachi installed so they will be connected to the private Hamachi network. This will give you all a private Hamachi IP address that you will use to connect to one another once you are in the same private network. The network will need to be created by one individual, and that individual will create a password and give it out to the other people that will be joining the network. The owner of the network does not have to be online for the network to function. It is a peer to peer network, so when other people are online you will be able to reach each and every one of them individually. 

For some time already Hamachi has been acquired by the remote access company LogMeIn.


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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