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  7. The Best Cloud Storage Service: Onedrive vs Copy vs Dropbox

The Best Cloud Storage Service: Onedrive vs Copy vs Dropbox

The Best Cloud Storage Service: Onedrive vs Copy vs Dropbox

Since we discovered cloud computing and the possibility of uploading and storing things in the cloud, a large variety of storage services have been developed and deployed all over the world. We all have files we need but for some reason or another, most likely because of limited space on our computers, we need to store them somewhere else. Physical media such as flash drives and external hard drives can fail or break, or worse still, you can lose them or they can be taken from you. No, they’re not the best option, not if you’re dealing with very sensitive data. You can leave your external drive for your video collection.

Among the hundreds of services out there, we’ve chosen three to perform our analysis on and tell you which you should go for: Dropbox, possibly the most commonly name associated with cloud storage. OneDrive, previously known as SkyDrive and Microsoft’s take on the storage service. And finally, Copy.com, the new kid on the block and the one with the most to prove.

So let’s get down to it. Which is the best Cloud Storage Service?


Dropbox is indeed the biggest name in cloud storage and one of the oldest services around. From universities to companies, for good or ill everyone uses this cloud storage service.


Good: Support for every platform (PC, Mac & Linux). Available on Android, iOS and Blackberry. Easy to sign up, install and use. Integrated with social media. Supports any file type.

Bad: No file editing on its website. Paltry storage space of 2GB, making it almost necessary to refer friends (for minuscule 500mb increases) and jump through every other hoop for additional storage space.

Want to try it? Download Dropbox


Microsoft’s OneDrive is the second one in our list. It’s not a household name but that might change as it now comes bundled with the new Windows releases, already installed and ready to use.


Good: Links to every other Microsoft solution (Xbox Live, Office, Azure, Outlook, etc.). You can edit your files online. Access to your computer from anywhere. The only one with a native Windows Phone application. Support for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. Starting storage limit of 15GB. Access to Microsoft Phone Support in addition to forums.

Bad: No Linux support. You need to pay to increase storage space (though its plans are cheaper than Dropbox’s).

Don't have it? Download OneDrive


Copy is most commonly known for its outrageous new subscriber offers and has been gaining a lot of traction in the past few months.


Good: Starting storage of 15GB, or 20GB with referrals. Installing application on your desktop increases your storage space considerably. Fast transfer rates.

Bad: Needs some polish, buggy right now.

Do you want 15GB for free? Download Copy

So there you have our list, with the pros and cons for each of these cloud storage services. Based on the above, we’d recommend using OneDrive at least until Copy.com’s kinks get hammered out and then you can switch to that one and its humongous storage space. Personally, while I’m not a fan of Dropbox, I see the value of having it with everyone else using it. In fact, I’m an advocate for using more than one service, just in case.

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