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"Relive the old Command and Conquer games with this open-source engine!"

OpenRA Specifications

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OpenRA Review

Command and Conquer is a well-loved series, having its roots come from even before the better known Starcraft. While its impact may look shallow by today's standards, it was absolutely groundbreaking way back in the day. It almost perfected the RTS formula that everybody knows today. However, like many old games, the original Command and Conquer can no longer run on modern computers. Enter OpenRA, a remake that lets it run on modern systems while also introducing a whole new bevy of features.

One of the many features is the ability to emulate the gameplay of Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert, and even Dune. True, its graphics don't change at all, but the gameplay - the important part - does. However, there are a few sketchy spots, unfortunately, such as the pathfinding. The pathfinding definitely feels like it came from 1995. However, there are still a ton of modern improvements such as unit veterancy and fog of war, both of which weren't available in the original release.

There are a ton of modifications that you can add yourself, as the engine is open source and malleable. There are a ton of mods for OpenRA online already. If you want, you can also just create your own mods to play with instead. If you want a full team of commandos to go on an infiltration mission, you can easily create that scenario with a built-in editor. With so many things you can do, OpenRA is easy to recommend to any and all fans of strategy games.


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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