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How to Play Pixelmon Mod

The basics of playing this mod and raising your blocky 'mons!

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Pixelmon Mod. Please click the green button below.

With the popularity of Pokemon and Minecraft, it was only a matter of time before the two collided. And Pixelmon doesn't disappoint! It can be fairly difficult to get into, however, so take a look at this guide and it may help you get your feet on the ground.

1. How to catch Pixelmon

When you first get into Pixelmon, you're going to be prompted to choose a starter Pokemon - no professor here to give you one. Once you choose one, it will appear in your party tab on the left side of your screen. If you want to catch more Pixelmon, you're going to need to craft some pokeballs. You'll need to grab some Apricorns. Apricorn trees are scattered throughout the world, but don't punch the wood directly - punch the leaves overhead to drop some. That way, the tree will continue producing more Apricorns. Now you need to cook the Apricorns - slap them into a furnace just like normal Minecraft and you'll get some Cooked Apricorns.

Now take a crafting table and create a Pokeball disc by putting three of them on the same row. Now you'll need to make some stone buttons, to act as the button on a pokeball. Now grab some iron ingots or aluminum ingots and put them all on the same row to create some discs.

Now you need an Anvil - put iron ingots in every block but the one at 3 o clock. Make a hammer as well by putting two sticks in the middle and 6 o clock, and wooden planks on every other block but the ones at 4 o clock or 7 o clock. Now use the anvil with either a Pokeball disc or metal disc. Hit the anvil with your hammer three times, and you'll notice that the color changes. Do it to both the discs and you will have a base and a lid.

Now simply plop it into the crafting interface! Put the pokeball disk above, the button in the middle, and the metal disk at the bottom. You now have a pokeball! Use it as you would in the actual games - only throw it at weakened pokemon or ones afflicted with a status effect.

2. Managing your Pixelmon

To see your Pixelmon's summary, press E to open up the inventory. By your character, you'll see 6 slots that show your pixelmon's sprite. Right-click on the sprite of a pixelmon you want to see and a GUI will pop up that lets you select either summary, moves, or stats. Left-click the one you want to view, and another GUI will pop up showing you your pixelmon's info.

If you want more than 6 pixelmon, you'll need to craft a PC. You can also alternatively find some in randomly spawning pixelmon centers. Once you find a PC, simply right click on it to use it. It will then open the PC GUI. Here, you can put pixelmon into the PC or take them out. If you no longer want one, then you can release it by selecting it and then clicking the garbage can icon. To view the summary of a pixelmon in the pc, right-click it and select the section of pixelmon information you want to see.

To heal your pixelmon, you'll need either a healer or a bed. Just like in the main game, a bed can only be used at night, so a healer is preferable. You can either find healers in pixelmon centers or simply craft them. If you do go down the crafting route, then you'll need to place it down to use it.

And that's it! This is a very deep mod, but this should get you started.