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Planetside 2 Tutorial

What are the differences between the factions and how should you even get started in this game?

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Planetside 2. Please click the green button below.

Planetside 2 is one of the more unique online shooters out there, but it can be hard for newcomers to know what each faction's differences are or how best to proceed. Hopefully, this guide can help you.

The Factions:

NC - This faction's infantry weapons has the highest damage per shot, but is overall less accurate than the other factions. If they don't move, they're a lot more accurate, but if they strafe and fire, they are the least accurate in the game. Their recoil works in such a way that it makes sustained fire incredibly inaccurate, but burst fire is actually surprisingly accurate. 

TR - This faction's weapons have the highest damage per magazine and their weapons have an incredibly high DPS due to the sheer fire rate. They can also sustain longer bursts than the other factions. However, their accuracy at range is rather low, and their damage per shot is middling at best. This, coupled with their long reload times, makes their weapons easy to learn but difficult to master.

VS - This faction's weapons have the best overall accuracy, being accurate at range while also staying accurate while strafing. The recoil is also generally some of the lowest in the game, and any recoil can be controlled through skill. The damage, however, is some of the lowest damage weapons in the game as well as having bullet drop.

General Tips for newcomers:

  • Spend your first certs on abilities - ignore new weapons. Your starter weapons are among the best general purpose weapons in the game. Alternative weapons are intended as side-grades, typically for specific play styles like CQC or mid/long-range with weaknesses in other areas. Only VS & TR snipers (buy a bolt-action) and CQC infiltrators (buy a SMG) should consider a new weapon high priority.
  • You will be offered a one time chance to reset your certs at BR15 so you can make better buying decisions.
  • Teamwork is insanely OP in this game, find a squad/platoon and roll with it. You are unlikely to do much alone and this will help you find a good fight.
  • Fight in an organised group, not in a mindless mob. Outnumbering (outpopping) the enemy 3:1 or more is useless and will result in a boring time and little experience. Look for another fight. See "Zerg" in the lingo section.
  • Join a decent outfit asap. Outfits open up a new level of gameplay and is one of the fastest way to progress and get the hang of surviving.
  • Almost any helpful action (killing enemies, repairing vehicles, capturing bases, healing friendlies) nets you experience points (XP). With every 250 XP, you gain 1 Cert (certification point).
  • Certs allow you to improve your infantry classes, vehicles and lets you buy new weapons.
  • You cannot shoot into hostile spawn rooms. You can however shoot out from a spawn room therefore avoid standing in eyesight of enemy spawn room exits.
  • Aim at enemies and tap Q  to spot them, making a little triangle appear over their heads for your friends.
  • You can also keep Q pressed down to open the "commo rose" that allows you to interact with the targeted person in various ways.
  • If you aim at a friendly player and hold Q, you will ask them for context specific help: ammo from engineers, healing from medics and a ride from a vehicle.
  • One way to find an outfit is using the subreddit. Another way is to join their public platoons and ask about their recruitment policy.
  • Unlocked attachments are weapon specific, not class specific for that weapon.

If you follow these tips, then you'll have a very smooth newcomer experience and will elevate you above other newbies.